History of Watches

History of Watches

Watch or timepiece has an interesting history. It runs by a self winding mechanism. The world has got its first watch in 1770. Though it was a pocket watch and invented by Abraham-Louis Perrelet. However that is a one of the models of modern watch. If we go back to the history then we will find that invention of watches began in the 16th century in Europe. The world’s first watch had portable spring and that is found in the 15th century watches. The evolution of watch started from the 16th to 20th century. In that era the world has witnessed the evolution of mechanical watches.

In the twentieth century the clock used use a different mechanism. The watches had a mainspring that helped to turned gears and that eventually lead to the movement of hands. The time was set by the rotating wheel. On the other hand, in 1960 the quarts watch was invented. The watch was run by electricity and soon after its invention the watch started ruling the market. Most of the expensive watches available in the market are quartz watch. The history has shown a number of watch inventions and they are stated below.

History of Watches

  • Clock watch

It is invented in 16th century and considered as the first timepiece. The machine was invented in Germany and the size of the machine varies between clock and watch. The inventor called Peter Henlein was a craftsman and the watch he crafted was worn by the people as an accessory. Apart from Henlein, there a few craftsmen who were making time pieces that can be worn as pendant. The clock watch had chain and one hang it around the neck, it came bigger in size. Gothic design was engraved on the body, and more interestingly the clock had only one hand that used to show the hour. The face of the clock was not covered by glass and had a brass cover instead.

  • Pocket watch

In the 17th century pocket watch was invented. The watches were worn in the pocket. Earlier the watch was worn as pendant though the style of the watch only had changed for the men. In the twentieth century waist became famous and pocket watch perfectly went with the attire. In the case of women the pendant watch remained in fashion. The pocket watch was convenient in size; it was small, rounded and slim in shape. The pocket watch had glass cover. The watch was attached with a chain and the chain had a clip. The clip can be attached with the garment so that the watch remains secure.

  • Wrist watch

History says that wrist watches were worn by women while men wore pocket watch. After 20th century the wrist watches followed the production of earlier 16th century watch. The wrist watches for women looked like bracelets. As for men, the army personnel first started wearing wrist watches at the onset of the twentieth century. There was a clear purpose behind wearing wrist watch. The purpose was to keep the confidential time, and signal secure regarding the war.

  • Electric watch

The world saw its first electric watch in 1950. The mechanism of the watch was different than the earlier models. The balance wheel was powered by solenoid. It had a steel fork that can vibrate up to 360 Hz. The machine had oscillator circuit and the hands were moved by the wheel train.

  • Quartz watch

In 1959, the Seiko Company first introduced the quartz watch. In 1964 the company has used this watch in the Tokyo summer Olympic. It is said that the invention of quartz watch was ground breaking and started a revolution in watch making. It had quartz crystal resonator that can vibrate at 8,192 Hz. Later, with the invention of new technology new age quartz watch was invented.

  • Radio controlled wristwatch

The radio controlled wrist watch was first introduced in 1990. The wrist watch has oscillator to show the correct time and it was controlled by the radio signal. The radio signal is broadcasted by the government operated radio station. This is the reason the watch shows the time as the atomic clock.

  • Atomic wristwatch

The watch was introduced in 2013. The atomic wrist watch has cesium atomic clock. The clock is on the chip. It is said that this watch can show accurate time for 1000 years. The watch was created by John Patterson. The clock requires charge in every 30 hours.

  • Smart watch

Smart watch is the latest invention and a perfect example of changing phases of technology. The smart watch was introduced to the world in 2010. The specialty of this watch is that it has all the features like a smart phone. It has operating system, and processor. Linux first introduced the world with smart watch in 1998. After that the smart watch was evolved with every technological invention. Apple in 2014 introduced their first smart watch.

The above article only talked about the invention of different types of watches. Watches had never been a mere time piece. It became style statement since ages. There are iconic clocks that became notable landmarks in several countries. Of late watch companies designs watches as per the client’s demand and while making them they show an unusual craftsmanship.

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