Top Ten Populated Countries in the World

List of Top Ten Populated Countries in the World

It is already known that according to population, China and India top the list of countries in the world. The population of both these countries are about to cross one billion. The United States is in third position with 325 million dwellers. The BRIC countries are expected to dominate the 21st century, and these are also among the economically advanced countries. The economic expansion of the countries is also influenced by the growing population of the countries.

Other than this, the international monetary fund also considers some countries like Nigeria, Mexico, and Bangladesh as developing nations. It further adds that issues affecting some developing nations also influence continents. Some countries with large economies such as Europe have a small population. Among the top ten countries, United Kingdom, Italy, France and Germany can be counted, and each of them has a population of less than 100 million. The number of population in these countries might vary from 60 million in Italy to 82 million in Germany.

List of populated countries

List of populated countries

  1. China

This is the populous country in the world with over 1.3 million inhabitants. To be exact, 1,359,100,000 people live in China, and it contributes to 19.1% of the total earth’s population. By size, China is considered the third largest that ranks in the list after Russia and Canada. Most of the population in this country is situated in the eastern half.

  1. India

It is not far behind in the list of populous countries of the world. It is the second largest one with an exact population of 1,231,990,000 citizens. India comprises of 17.3% of total world’s population. Therefore, India and China together make 26.4% of the total human population of the world. The high population exists throughout the country other than the desert areas that lie in the northwestern part including the mountains of the north.

  1. United States

Though this is the third populous country, in terms of population, it is far behind China and India. It has a population of 316,364,000 which is only 4.45% of the total world’s population. However, the United States is the fourth largest in the world by terms of area. It has dense populated urban areas where most of the population is clustered towards the west and east coast.

  1. Indonesia

This is the fourth largest in terms of population. It has a total of 237,641,000 citizens which is contributing to 3.35% of the world population. However, it can be considered as one of the densely populated countries in the world.

  1. Brazil

The fifth largest country in the world in terms of population is Brazil. In addition, it also ranks in the fifth position by its size. It has a population of 193,946,000 that is 2.73% of the total human population of the world. Most of the inhabitants live along the Atlantic coast that lies in the eastern part of the country.

  1. Pakistan

Pakistan has a population of 183,830,000 citizens that contributes to almost 2.59% of the total human race in the world. With this population, it is ranked as the sixth most populous country.In Pakistan, Punjab province is the populated one.

  1. Nigeria

Far from Pakistan in comparison to population, it has only 173,615,000 inhabitants. It accumulates to 2.44% of total human population in the world. However, in the Africa region, Nigeria can be considered as the most populous country.

  1. Bangladesh

Ranking eighth in the list of populous countries, Bangladesh consists of 152,518,015 populations which are 2.15% of the total population. It is also among the densely populated countries in the world.

  1. Russia

Though Russia is known to be the largest country in the world in terms of population, it is 9th in the list. It has a total population of 143,400,000 people which contributes to 2.02% of the world’s population. The population density can be calculated as almost three people per kilometer, and it is among one-twelfth of total world’s land area.

  1. Japan

It is the tenth largest in the world as per population. But its population of 127,350,000 people is calculated to be less than 10% of the total population of China. However, Russia’s population contributes to 1.79% of the total human race that exists in the world. Its population is dense along with the ones in the coastal area.

Considering the financial scenario, some countries with a small population such as Monaco, Luxembourg, and Cayman islands with less than a million residents play a pivotal role. On a contrasting note, Canada with a small population can be considered as one of the major economic countries. In addition, it can be considered as among the largest countries as well. It has near about 36.5 million inhabitants.

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