Top Polluted Country in the World

Top Polluted Countries in the World

Air pollution is a growing concern these days as its consequences are far reaching. It is even dangerous than people can actually realize. It is resulting in almost three million premature death issue every year in the world. With rise in global pollution level, some countries are trying their best tackle the situation. On the other hand, there are countries that are contribution little in curbing this alarming and life threatening problem. As you read, you get to know about top ten polluted countries in the world. This result is based on the studies of World Health Organization and the level of pollutant present in the countries.

top ten polluted countries of world


When ranked for urban air pollution, Pakistan ranks the first among the most polluted country in the world. Some of the highly affected cities are Rawalpindi, Karachi and Peshawar. In a year, near about 310,000 deaths are caused due to pollution in the country. A petition has been sanction to tackle the alarming condition of the country this year. The government departments have failed to take any adequate step to curb the condition in the cities. Other than this, the industrial firms have also been instructed for installing air-cleaning machines and fine drivers in vehicles. Further, this has been included in legal limits so that for any person who violates the acts are given strict punishment.


This is among the richest nations with vast wealth. Unfortunately, little has been used to curb the high rising level of pollution in the country. Qatar being an oil and gas producing country, releases more of CO2 compared to other countries. It is also known that half an hour of cycling is actually harmful for your health rather than doing any good to health.


The mountains that are present surrounding the capital city of Afghanistan are known to trap polluted air and it spreads dust particles over the city. The problem fuels up by low quality fuel used by most businesses and houses. For this, people have to wear face masks when they go out of their houses. Foreign sources are further of the opinion that people often excrete in open that goes into the open drains in the streets and contributes in the rising level of pollution in the country. Whether a myth or not, the problems are actually contributing in the pollution of the country.


Bangladesh ranks fourth in the list of the polluted countries. Even though environmental laws exist in Bangladesh, they are inadequately enforced. Sources are of opinion that factories and firms deposit toxic wastes into local water deposits making it overly polluted. In addition, it also ruins rice paddles, supple of drinking water and fish stock of the country. The pungent smell of the toxins makes common people dizzy. The school goers and teachers find it difficult to cope up with the situation.


Cairo frequently becomes hazy and this is one the reasons why Egypt ranks fifth among the list of polluted countries. Egypt’s capital is considered as the most polluted cities by experts. The city is also victim of noise and night pollution. The poor air quality in Cairo is due to heavy traffic and low precipitation in the city according to sources.

United Arab Emirates

Dust storms are common in UAE during summers having serious impact on citizens causing breathing problems. Respiratory experts are of opinion thatthe storms carry dust particles, infections, and silica crystals.


Compared to Mongolian city, pollution in some other places have increased alarmingly that it has crossed the normal recommended level.  Due to use of raw coal, it is becoming difficult for children and especially pregnant women to breathe comfortably and breathe properly in the city. In addition to this, respiratory illness has become a common phenomenon in the country.


Pollution during Diwali is one of the important concerns in India. Recently, some people have found breaking new restrictions which have been imposed on firework displays. It leaves think smoke in the air making it difficult for people to breathe the air. The traffic in capital city of India is as harmful as smoking 50 cigarettes in a day. Further sources considered the air quality of Delhi as a severe one that can have harmful impact on human health.


Dust storms are common in Middle East and it is due to deserts inn nearby areas. All these make the country the ninth most polluted countries in the world. These are a sharp contrast to cities that are filled with smog in other polluted areas. According to studies, it can be said that both dust particles and dirt together in the storm still makes it easy for people to stay in the place safely.


The eastern and southern part of Asia faces alarming consequences for rising urban pollution. It has crossed five times the average limit of pollution. The industrial activity has also affected some famous landmarks such as Lumbini. Monks have to wear masks and tourists also face breathing troubles.

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