Tamil Nadu Amma Maternity Nutrition Kit Scheme 2019

Tamil Nadu Amma Maternity Nutrition Kit Scheme 2019-20 [Eligibility Criteria, Application Form, Financial Assistance Amount]

The Tamil Nadu government has taken an excellent for the wellbeing of pregnant women of the state. With the aim of leading in the health care sector, Tamil Nadu Amma Maternity Nutrition Kit Scheme has been initiated by the state. By effective implementation of this scheme, the Medicare service, infrastructure and manpower would be taken care of by the state government. This would, in turn, help pregnant women of the state. A medical kit will be given to the women to help them maintain their health.

Tamil Nadu Amma Maternity Nutrition Kit Scheme

Launch details of the scheme

Name of the scheme Tamil Nadu Amma Maternity Nutrition Kit Scheme
Launch date of the scheme March 2019
Target group of the scheme Pregnant women of Tamil Nadu
Scheme supervised by Dr. Muthulakshmi Reddy
Aim of the scheme Help pregnant women and improve the health care sector
Scheme has been launched at Egmore Government Maternity Hospital
Eligibility of the scheme Women who have delivered after 1st January. Women who are waiting to deliver babies are also eligible

Tamil Nadu Amma Maternity Nutrition Kit Scheme Features –

  • Main objective of the scheme – The above-said scheme has been implemented with the aim of improving the condition of present women in the state. In addition, the scheme would also help to grow the condition in the healthcare sector. Government hospital facilities would also be improved according to this scheme.
  • Target beneficiaries of the scheme – The beneficiaries of this scheme are pregnant women of Tamil Nadu. They will be able to avail benefits as has been stated by the state government. A total of 17 lakh women are registered to giving benefits under the above-said scheme.
  • Amount given for the scheme – Rupees 14, 000 has already been raised for the scheme.
  • Maternity kit for pregnant women –Pregnant women would be given a kit worth rupees 4,000. It would be of great help for women to meet their nutritional requirement.
  • Items included in the kit – All nutritious items would be added in the kit. It would include different types of dry fruits.
  • Distribution of kit – The kit related to this scheme would be given during the 12th week and during the 16th to 20th week of pregnancy.
  • Budget – However, the state government has given a number of rupees 62,705.17 crores to the health care department in the past eight years. As of now, the department has sanctioned an amount of 12,563.83 crores.

Eligibility criteria to avail benefits under the Amma Maternity Nutrition Kit scheme

  • Pregnancy details womenWomen whose delivery date are after the 1st of January would be allowed to avail benefits under the scheme.
  • Residents of Tamil Nadu – Only the women who belong to the state of Tamil Nadu are eligible to get benefits under the scheme.

The scheme announced during 2018-2019 also promised to give nutritional supplements and ironic tonic to pregnant women. It would help to improve their health conditions. According to the present scheme, pregnant women will be given nutritional kit along with rupees 14, 000.

Documents required for the scheme

  • Women’s pregnancy details – Documents relating to women’s pregnancy need to be submitted to the concerned hospital. Depending on it, women will be able to avail the benefits under the above mentioned scheme.
  • Residential proof – It should be checked that only women belonging to Tamil Nadu are eligible to get benefits under this scheme.
  • Personal proof –As of personal proof, women can provide voter ID card, ration card, and Aadhaar card to check their background properly.

However, no such application process has yet been declared by the state government. As soon as it comes out, the beneficiaries will be the first one to know about it. The state government would be responsible for providing the relevant information to pregnant women so that they can get the related benefits quickly.

Therefore, to eliminate problems of infant mortality rate, it is necessary for proper implementation of the scheme. By proper help from the scheme, pregnant would be able to get nutritional help required during pregnancy. So, by help of this scheme, an overall change can be brought in the health care sector.

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