Samajwadi Free Smartphone Vitaran Scheme

  1. Eligibility Criteria under Samajwadi Free Smartphone Vitaran Scheme

To apply for the Samajwadi Smartphone Vitaran Scheme one has to have these eligibility criteria:

  1. As on 1st January 2016 applicant’s age must be 18 years or above.
  2. Applicant must be the citizen of Uttar Pradesh.
  • Applicant must be passed high school or equivalent.
  1. The family income of the applicant must not exceed 6 Lac per annum.
  2. Applicant or anyone from the family should not belong to Class-1 or Class-2 ministry.
  1. Where the applicants can apply for the Smartphone?

Applicants will need to apply for the Smartphone in the official website They can go for online registration there in the website.

  1. Is there any money needed to be given while registering for the Smartphone?

Eligibility Mudra Loan

No, there is no need of any money or price to apply for the Smartphone. The application forms will be verified by the officials. Once verified successfully the phones will be distributed free of cost.

  1. Where do where do the applicants have to go after being selected for the Smartphone Vitaran Scheme?

Applicants don’t have to go anywhere to receive their phones. After completion of the verification process the selected applicants will be notified and they will get the phones at their doorsteps.

  1. Where do the beneficiaries under this scheme will receive their Smartphone?

The Smartphone will be sent and delivered to the Uttar Pradesh address of the applicant/beneficiary even if the beneficiary lives somewhere else.

  1. After submitting the application form for how long the applicants have to wait for the phones? How many days it will take to receive the phones?

After submission of the application forms the verification will take place. Tentatively from the second half of the year 2017, phones will be delivered to the applicants.

  1. What will be the benefits of this Smartphone?

This Smartphone will help young people to know more about sports, agriculture, medical, agricultural system, economic condition and such on daily basis. Also unemployed people will get employment notification as well for their future activity.

  1. If there is any damage found in the Smartphone who will bear the cost of it?

The repairing cost for any damage of the Smartphone will be borne by the phone holder only.

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