Residential Plots to Homeless Dalit Families in Punjab

Residential Plots to Homeless Dalit Families in Punjab

1 Lakh residential plot will be given to Dalit homeless families across Punjab by the state CM Amarinder Singh. Each of the plots is of 1, 3000 square foot. The plots will be given in two phases. According to the first phase, 10 plots of 5 marlos will be given to each family in the village. Here, 1 marla is equal to 272 square foot. For this allotment, adequate land area should be available in the village. If the land is not available, the allotment will be done in the second phase within which the state government has to make arrangement for the availability of land. Panchayat department in collaboration with rural development department will look after the allotment task of the land.

Residential Plots to Homeless Dalit Families in Punjab

Land allotment has been initiated byPunjab


Allotment supervised byAmarinder Singh


Date of announcement of land allotment22nd January 2019


Target beneficiary of the allotment ishomeless Dalit families


Area of each plot is1,300 square foot


Total number of plots for allotment is1 lakh


 Key features of land allotment arrangement

  • Aim of the scheme – The main purpose of land allotment to homeless Dalit people is to improve people’s welfare and look after their condition.
  • Area of land given– Each of the Dalit family will be given 5 marlas of land each in every village. In case of unavailability of land, it will be given in the second phase of the land allotment program.

What is the eligibility criterion for the scheme?

  1. Residential proof – Only the residents of Punjab will be able to the benefits of the plot allotment program. To support this, the candidates have to submit residential proof at the time of submitting the application form of this program.
  2. Backward families of society – Only Dalit families can avail the benefits of the scheme. Each of the families will get 5 marlos of land. If unavailability of land arises, the land will be given in the second phase of the scheme.
  3. Identity proof –In the name of identity proof, the Dalit families have to provide voter ID card, ration card or Aadhaar card. This will be required by the higher authority for background check.

What are the documents required and details of application process?

The eligible candidates have to produce photocopies of the above said documents. No such information about application process of the land allotment scheme has been declared yet. As soon as it comes up, the candidates will be the first one to know about it. The required documents need to be submitted at the time of submitting the application form.

Wrapping it up

However, in relation to this land allotment program, Captain Amarinder Singh has advised deputy commissioners to look after proper implementation of the land. In addition, he has also said that the work should be completed at the earliest. The government will provide every help to ensure that each of the government projects are completed on time. This will help to improve the condition of people of backward classes effectively. Further CM warned officials for proper implementation of the land allotment without any chances of corruption at any level.

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