Pradhan Mantri Matritva Vandana Yojana 2019

PM Matritva (Matru) Vandana Yojana 2019-20(PMMVY) (Maternity (Pregnancy) Aid benefit scheme) [Online Application Process Download, Eligibility Criteria, Check Status, Helpline no]

When malnutrition is increasing among the new born babies and poor pregnant women, then the central government has launched a scheme. The scheme called Pradhan Mantri Matritva Vandana Yojana, is designed for the women who belong to the marginal section of the society. The malnutrition is culprit behind the high mortality rate children and mothers. The scheme was implemented in the rural and urban areas. The scheme is designed to help the financially backward classes. The scheme will provide financial assistance to the underprivileged pregnant women.


Name of the schemePradhan Mantri Matritva Vandana Yojana
Launched inIndia
Launched byNarendra Modi, Prime Minister
Year of announcement2016
Official launch dateJanuary 2017
Supervised byMinistry of Women and Child Development
Target beneficiariesPregnant and nursing mothers
Official website


Significant features of the scheme

  • The objective of the scheme is to reduce the mortality of women and child. According to the survey, the rate is on the higher side in the rural areas. The scheme pays more attention to improve the condition of those areas.
  • The scheme provides 6000 rupees to all the registered candidates. The reason behind offering financial assistance is to help the pregnant women to buy nutritional food and get medical help.
  • The scheme is only applicable for the women of financially backward classes. Thus the money offered by the scheme will help them to take care of their expenses at the time of their pregnancy. Taking too much stress about anything is not healthy for the pregnant women.

Details of installment

According to the rules and regulation of the scheme, the money will be given in three installments so that, the registered candidates can get the money at the right time, and use it for right cause.

  • The eligible candidates will get 1000 rupees in the first installment.
  • In the second and third installment the candidate will receive 2000 rupees. Thus, the candidates who are registered under the scheme will receive 5000 rupees in their bank account.
  • The scheme not only works towards providing the adequate nutrition to the pregnant women but also aims to spread awareness regarding the child birth. To educate the people under Janani Suraksha Yojana an amount of 1000 rupees are allotted.

How to get the application form?

To get the benefits of the scheme three registration forms are required. The forms are available at the health care center undertaken by the government. The forms are also available at the Anganwadi centers. The application forms are available for free. Apart from the centers, the forms are available online PM Matritva Vandana Yojana Application Form

How to apply for the scheme?

Application for the first installment

To get the first installment under the scheme the candidate needs to fill the 1A form. The candidates need to give all the necessary information and need to submit on time. The form will be submitted at the nearest health care or Anganwadi center.

Application for the second installment

After getting the first installment, when it comes to the second installment the candidates need to collect 1B form from the nearest health care center or Anganwadi or download the PDF of the form and print it. The candidates require filling the form with necessary information, and attaching the copies of medical tests reports along with it. After that, they need to submit the form.

Application for the third installment

Candidates require collecting 1C form from the nearest health care centers or Anganwadi or downloading the form from the official website, and print it. The candidate needs to attach the copies of prenatal test reports along with the necessary information along with form and submit it. The form will be scrutinized at three levels. If all the information is accurate then the money will be transferred to the bank account of the registered candidate.

Special conditions

  • Death of the child due to natural causes– Sometime, newborn babies die due to health conditions. If this kind of incident happens and the baby fails to survive less than six months, then the mother can apply for the third financial assistance under the scheme.
  • In the case of miscarriage– It is a common phenomenon among the women. If this incident happens after the first installment then the mother can apply for the second and third installment under the scheme.
  • In the case of still birth– If a registered candidate gives birth to a dead child, even then the woman can get the remaining financial assistance as per the rules of the scheme.
  • In the case of twins and triplets– The candidates registered under the scheme give birth to twins or triplets they will get the financial assistance promised by the scheme. But, she will not be able to avail any other financial assistance in future regarding child birth.
  • Birth in another place– It can happen that a pregnant woman registered under the scheme in one area gives birth to a baby in other region can attain the financial assistance. In that case, the woman has to carry her husband’s Aadhar card. Apart from that, the woman needs to have MCP cards. These documents are required at the time of verification.
  • In the case of providing wrong information– Providing correct information is mandatory for all the candidates who want get enrolled under the scheme. If the authority discovers that, the information provided by the candidate regarding pregnancy is adulterated then the authority can issue legal notice. The notice will ask them to refund the money. If the candidate does not obey the order then the authority can take legal action.

Every year the country experience death of a number of babies due to malnutrition. Death of the mother during the child birth is another common incident. This is the reason the central government of India want to take measure against it. The objective of the scheme is to eradicate the malnutrition and protect the babies and the mothers from becoming victim of it. The government hopes that, the scheme will help to get the pregnant woman necessary medical assistance and adequate nutrition.

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