PM Common Livestock Diseases Control Scheme

PM Common Livestock Diseases Control Scheme 2019-20

PM Modi has decided to launch Common Livestock Diseases Control Scheme with the main objective of treating mouth and foot diseases. It will also include brucellosis disease that is seen in animals. By eradication of the animal diseases, it will be possible to boost the quality of the export. However, the information about the scheme launch has been given to Mr. Giriraj Singh, minister of fisheries, dairying, and animal husbandry. Read the following part of the article to get more details of the entitled scheme.

PM Common Livestock Diseases Control Scheme

Launch details of the scheme

Name of scheme


PM Common Livestock Diseases Control Scheme
Target group of scheme


Fishes and animals
Main objective of the scheme


To curb foot and mouth disease and brucellosis
Scheme launched in


Mathura district, Uttar Pradesh
Scheme announced by


PM Narendra Modi
Date of scheme launch Sept 2019


Highlighting features of the scheme

  • Target area of the scheme – The target area of the scheme is the animals and fishes. Some of the animals are buffaloes, cow, goats, bulls, sheep, and pigs that will be taken care of to eradicate the diseases.
  • Main objective of the scheme – The main focus of the PM Modi Common Livestock Diseases Control Scheme is to eradicate all animal husbandry and fisheries of disease. This shall further help to boost the quality of milk products sent for exports.
  • Amount allotment for the scheme – A total of 13500 crores has been allotted for the scheme. However, it has been planned to make the scheme an effective one within the coming 5 years. In this regard, it has been said that state and central government will contribute to the scheme in the ratio 60:40.
  • Vaccination coverage of scheme – Under the above-said scheme, vaccination coverage will be given to 30 crores bovines, 10 million pigs, and 20 crores sheep. The central government is trying their best to effectively implement the scheme so that the FMD does not affect the buffaloes and cows. Resulting from this, there may be a huge loss of milk impacting the whole export market.

However, in the case of brucellosis, milk production gets affected by 30% throughout the entire life of the animal. Also, it affects the fertility of the animal.

Details of the application procedure to get scheme benefits

Since the scheme is yet to be launched on the September 2019, the procedure of online application is, however, to be declared by the state government. As soon as it comes up, the interested farmers to get the scheme benefits can avail the same. They have to stay updated for the launch of the related portal and announcement of relevant information in the same.

There is an immediate need to eradicate livestock diseases in Uttar Pradesh that can improve the condition of exports. If the infection is not diagnosed and treated during its initial stages, it can affect other farmworkers, including livestock owners. So, without hampering the annual export of milk production, including other livestock items, it is better that both fisheries and animal husbandry should look after effective implementation of the scheme.

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