Operation Digital Board by the central government

Launch details of Operation Digital Board by the central government 

For the purpose of quality education, the central government has taken the initiative to come up with Operation Digital Board. This step will help to improve education quality with the help of technology. By this, both the teaching and learning procedure in the country can be improved. This will, in turn, popularize learning process, and it can be regarded as a pedagogical approach. This mode of education will be applicable for the students of 9th standard along with the ones in the higher educational institutions.

What are the features of Operation Digital Board?

  • The main aim of launching the board is to convert the classroom structure of the school to the digital form of classrooms.
  • The digital board will help in the proper implementation of e-resources for the help of the students. This will also help them to get access to study material from any place and at any time.
  • This adaptive method of learning and intelligent tutorial process will help students to learn faster and easier. In addition, it will include artificial intelligence, machine learning along with data analytics.
  • The digital board will be implemented across the country. Both government aided, and government schools will be able to take part in this program by the central government.

Therefore, by the implementation of these features by the digital board, the level of education can be improved across the country. Even though there are several premium educational institutes in the country which are counted among the top ones in the world, the improvement was required in higher education centers and schools.

Due to the lack of proper teaching and learning method in the schools, the students who passed out from the institutions find it difficult to start their career suitably. They also fail to cope up with the requirements of the modern society and job market. Therefore, for proper advancement and training of the students, improvement in the educational sector and the introduction of the digital mode of learning will be of immense help.

Benefits due to the introduction of digital board

  • Under this digital board program, e-Pathshala, NROER, NPTEL, DIKSHA, e-pgpathshala SWAYAM, and SWAYAM-Prabha DTH Channels will come into being. This further ensures that high-quality content will be provided to the students in the classrooms.
  • This technological advancement will help to get a high-quality classroom facility to the students.
  • It will also help to improve the condition of teaching standard in the school by implementation of modern methods of teaching.

Details of the implementation of Operation Digital Board in education centers

  • The implementation of operation digital board will be supervised by University Grants Council or UGC.
  • The implementation will be done in higher education centers for the betterment of the condition of students and teaching staff.
  • According to findings, there will be near about 5 lakh classroom arrangement to be made by the central government both in state and central government institutions.
  • For covering up 2 lakh classrooms in the first phase of the implementation, UGC has decided to work for 300 universities and around 10,000 colleges.
  • Institutions having facilities ready to implement the digital form of education will be given preference.
  • To opt for the scheme, UGC is about to release a new portal. The interested schools can log in to the portal and get to know about the benefits.
  • For the implementation of digital board, near about rupees 2,000 crores have been sanctioned by the central government. It would be taken as a loan from the HEFA.

Implementation of digital board in schools

The operation digital board help will be extended to both government and government-aided schools. Both the Senior Secondary and secondary classes will be included in this digital program. Near about 1.5 lakh schools have been included along with educational institutions from the union territories and state.

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