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Odisha Madhu App Free Download from Google Play Store

In order to advancing the educational drive of the state the Chief Minister of Odisha Naveen Patnaik has launched an app called Madhu app. The app is an android based app and it will be an immense help to the students. The application can be downloaded from Google Store and is supported by the any android phone so it will be easier for the students to get the application. The app is developed by an IT company called MTechRnD Solutions Pvt Ltd. The launch details are given below in the tabular form.

Launch details

Name of the appMadhu App
Date of launch3rd December, 2019
Launched inOdisha
Launched byThe Chief Minister Naveen Panaik
Target peopleSchool students of the state


Kay details of the application

  • Objective of launching the application- The objective of such initiative is to improve the education system of the state. The government wants to enhance the current education system and wants to make the system student-friendly.
  • Incorporating the technology- The government knows that nowadays mobile phone and internet has become easily accessible. This is the reason the government wants to use the technology in productive use.
  • Reduce the boredom of study- The traditional method of education is a time bound thing. The government wants to break the limit and make it available all the time and the application will help to do that.
  • Importance of the app- This app will help in e-learning as the students can clear their doubts regarding their studies. The app will be able to fulfill their need of taking private tuition.
  • Features of the app-The app will have lecture videos and along with that exercises so that students can listen and perform at the same time. The app has lectures of the school teachers, and has high quality TLM. The students will find an interactive session on the app that will give the students a classroom ambiance.
  • The content developer of the app- In order to make videos useful experienced teachers are asked to design the whole program.
  • Size of the app- The app is 9.3 MB in size and version is 1.7.5. It will support the Android version of 4.1.
  • Development of the app-The app was developed by MTech RnD Solutions Pvt Ltd and the app was named after the Utkal Gaura Madhusudan Das.

The app is believed to be a useful option for the students as they will get to study through the application. They do not have to take private tuition and can save a lot of money. In some cases it happens that students tend to miss lectures due to lack of coping up with speed then they can learn that on the app. As the app is free so that students do not need to pay extra penny and they can easily download it from the Google Play Store. By seeing all the features of the application it can be said that the app is going to improve the education system of the state.

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