Mug Printing Business [Machine Price, Profit, Investment]

Mug Printing Business [Machine Price, Cost, Profit] How to print on mugs equipment?

Different types of business are being introduced these days, and mug printing is one of them which are gaining popularity on an increasing note. Personalized photographs and notes have become interesting items to gift your friends and loved ones on their special day. This can be considered one of the best forms of personalized gifts. You will find both offline and online store which are catering to these kinds of services. People have started online websites and catering to the needs of the customers of printing the mugs from the comfort of their homes. Though this business may not involve much investment initially, the entrepreneur should be well versed about DIY mug printing methods. If the person is creative enough and able to bring forth a variety of designs to print the mugs, he or she can surely make a prominent place in the online business of mug printing. Some easy instructions are illustrated in the following part of the article for the ease of the entrepreneurs.


What are the varieties of mug printing?

When starting the online business of mug printing, the entrepreneur should be aware of the techniques to print the mug. This will also involve the budget that the person is ready to spend in the business. Screen mug printing to modern transfer printing procedure is available, and these will be perfect for the entrepreneur to start the business. On the other hand, if the entrepreneur is planning for mass production, they can choose from a variety of other techniques to print the mug.

Techniques for the mass production

  1. Dye sublimation – This procedure is the ideal one for the entrepreneur who is planning to start the mug printing business at home. Also, this is the one that will not take a long time to print the designs.
  2. Digital printing – If the entrepreneur is planning to print mugs in large numbers, this method is the suitable one. To get customized mugs with special photographs and notes, this method will be perfect. But professional software should be used in this technique of mug printing and selection of the colors is also important to get the best effect.
  3. Screen printing – Screen mesh and color dyes are the best options when printing the mugs with the help of this method. But the entrepreneur should be aware of some technical knowledge pertaining to this method.
  4. Transfer printing – This can be considered similar to that of screen printing. This is technologically advanced as the image on the mug is transferred manually. With customized photographs, if the customer is asking for details on the same, this method is the perfect one. The entrepreneur should use a conical or convex cup that will be perfect to print the images.

How can you start mug printing at home?

No such training is required in order to start mug printing at home. The techniques only involve time and knowing some DIY to print the mugs will be enough to start the business from home.

  • Select the mug carefully– In the first place, it is important to select the right mug on which you wish to print the image of your choice. It involves selecting the right shape and the color of the mug. Try to choose the one that will perfectly go with the selected photograph. To get the image transferred perfectly, it is better to avoid mugs with rough surfaces. On smooth surfaces, it will be easy to transfer the image.
  • Choose the right image – When it comes to picking up the right image, make sure that it rightly fits in the mug. Further, try to get a digital version of the image as it will perfect print on the mug. Also, this will be long lasting and durable to use the mug. In addition, selecting the right measurement of the image is also important.
  • Use quality transfer papers–the printer should have a transfer paper before you print the image. This will help to ensure that the image prints perfectly on the mug and it remains for a long time. Therefore, it is better to avoid regular printing paper. You can get quality transfer papers online or from photo studios.
  • Leave image undisturbed to dry naturally –After the image has been placed rightly on the mug, it should be left undisturbed to let it dry properly. The time required for the image to dry will depend on the quality of the paper that has been used. Start decorating the mug only after the image has dried off and you have to wash it properly.
  • Put the image in water –Before you print the image, you have to put it in water before placing it on the mug. To get the best results, you can dip the image in a bowl of water and place it directly on the mug.

Print photos on mug with electronic iron

  • As mentioned, in the first place, choosing the mug with its right shape and size is important. Also, trim the size of the image so that it fits on the mug perfectly.
  • Before placing the image on the mug, it is necessary to clean the mug properly and let it dry so that the image can be fixed perfectly.
  • When printing the image on the mug, be careful to fix it properly so that the mug does not move from its place.
  • After you have placed the image rightly on the mug, heat the iron and the temperature of the iron will depend on vinyl that has been selected. The vinyl stickers are available in variety which is made from different materials.
  • While placing the image, make sure that you place it in the right place. Then you have to take the iron and place it on the mug and hold it for 30 seconds. You have to repeat the entire design in this procedure so that each of the designs is perfectly placed on the mug.
  • Do not apply any extra pressure when placing the image on the mug otherwise, it might get displaced for its actual place.
  • The heat should be used to stick the glue, and once the design has been transferred perfectly, you can use the mug properly.

How to get mug prints with the help of sublimation print?

  1. Choose a white colored mug for this method to get the best results. With a white base, it will be best to get details of all colors.
  2. Get the design which is printed on the inkjet printer. A special dye is used on the print which gets easily transferred on the mug. Also, use quality transfer paper that will help to hold the image perfectly for long.
  3. After the image selection, you have to wrap the image printed on the paper around the mug. The image should mirror back properly since it will be transferred on the mug.
  4. When you place the mug in the heat press, make sure that you adjust the temperature perfectly. By using the right amount of heat, you can perfectly transfer the image on the mug. So, as soon as the heat is supplied to the image, it gets easily transferred on the mug.
  5. The method of transferring image comes with a benefit of using the image for long.

What is the procedure and time required to print one mug?

The work procedure will determine the time required to transfer the image on the mug. Sublimation may be the perfect method, but for the ones who wish to get customized designs, heat iron method is the ideal one.

  1. Image selection – The procedure starts by selecting the right image to be oriented on the mug. You can download it either from online websites or get templates from the websites. When placing the image on the mug, make sure it is placed in the middle of the mug leaving some edges on each of the sides. Also, make sure that you use the mirror image on the mug to get the best results.
  2. Mug selection – Selecting the right shape and the base color of the mug is important as it will determine the end result after the image has been transferred.
  3. Opt for the right method – The heat transfer method will be the right one if you have to print one or two mugs for gifting friends. For mass production, buying it from retails will also help. Even if you wish to print in big numbers, this method will be economical.
  4. Time required for printing one mug –Depending on the method that you have opted for, the time required to print the image on the mug will vary. Whether it is ink related or transfer paper related procedure, it will take a few minutes to hours to complete the process.

What will be the basic cost to get the raw materials?

  1. The basic cost for buying the raw materials can vary from a few thousands of rupees to near about 1 lakh. The cost will also depend on the type of printing the image that you have chosen.
  2. At the initial stage, the startup products and raw materials will require some money. In addition to this, you might require a laptop, software, printers and other tools to start the business.
  3. The raw materials include transfer paper, plain mugs, sublimation machine and others.
  4. Your total investment in the business will depend on your business setup. If you already have printers and desktop, then you can expect the investment amount to be something around 80,000 rupees to few lakhs.

Get a license for print business

  • Getting the license for your business will depend on the location where you have set up your business. If you are planning to set up the business on a large scale, it is better to ask for a license from the local municipality office.
  • If it is a small scale business, the licensing process and the registration fee might be small.
  • After you get the license, you can set up the business either in an industrial area or at your home according to your convenience.

How to get quality mug printing machines?

Sublimation and heat transfer image printing machine are available from the online market either such as Flipkart and other manufacturers, and it will vary from rupees 12,000 to rupees 15,000. You need not worry about the procedure to use the machine as the tutorials are provided for the same.

Suitable Packaging of the mugs

Once the mugs are printed, it should be packed well for delivery. Apart from this, packing is also important for effective marketing. Use soft and colorful papers, card box and colorful balls for packing. Since the mugs are made up of ceramics, it is necessary to protect them while shipping.

Setting up your business

If you are running out of ideas about how to set up the business, you can try to do so by paying some fees. Online service is available where people will help you to set up the business. In addition to this, you can also look for an established online mug printing business and purchase it. It will save time, and you will not have to look for raw materials and machine.

Plan some effective marketing strategies

Since printing mugs are best gift items, you have to make sure that you are able to grab the attention of the customers before the festive season and celebrations. Other than his, customized mugs are also the option gift items when it comes to gifting your friends or family on birthday and anniversaries. Try to advertise the business via different platforms before the onset of the festive seasons.

Target market and profit margins

When planning to market for the products, you have to know your target audience well. Also, you have to know the needs of the customers so that you can prepare the items according to the choice of the customers. You can advertise both via the online source and also via shopping malls and the local shops.

Since it is a small scale business with little investment in the initial stages, you can expect better offers. In addition, the raw material costs are also not high. Therefore, with overall investment, you can expect 20 to 30 percent return from the business.

Maintain precautionary measures

  • Make sure that you properly make use of the hot iron when printing so that you do not burn your hand.
  • When you are handling the procedure during sublimation printing, make sure that you do not make any mistake during the heat transfer procedure.
  • While using an acrylic spray, you have to be careful about the same. In case it is inhaled, you have to look for health advice on an immediate note.

Thus, the mug printing business is one of the best to start with low investments. Since the business is gaining popularity, with rising demand for the products you will be able to earn good profit from the investment that you make.

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