Most Expensive Chocolates Brand In The World

Most Expensive Chocolates Brand In The World

The very mention of the term “chocolates” makes mouths water and hearts melt. If you have a sweet tooth, then you probably desire to visit Switzerland once, not for checking out the picturesque meadows and rolling valleys, but for digging into the heavenly Swiss chocolates, which have earned accolades on the international platform. Thankfully, you no longer need to travel to Switzerland to eat Swiss chocolates. These sweet treats are shipped to all international markets, where the demand is high. The smooth, melt in the mouth texture, heavenly taste, sweetness are some aspects, which earned the chocolate the tag of being “food for the Gods.”

Anthropologists have unearthed several ancient documents, which prove that Greeks and Romans enjoyed chocolate drinks. Even the South African tribes of Incas and Aztecs were aware of the coco plant. They even worshiped the pagan god of cocoa trees. Apart from the nutritional element, people in the ancient ages were aware of the healing properties of the rich cocoa paste. From supplying a high dose of antioxidants to lowering blood pressure, and calming the nerves, chocolate has several other health benefits. It is very difficult to find a person who has an aversion to chocolates. Over time, chocolate and candy manufacturing companies have come up with new varieties, to increase sale.

Most Expensive Chocolates In The World

List of most expensive chocolates available

  1. Le Chocolat Box

It is a chocolate box, crafted for the Royals only. To acquire a box of Le Chocolat, you will have to shell out around a million US dollars. But the individual chocolates are rather plain, with assorted fruits and nuts within. The main attraction is its packaging. Precious gems like rubies emeralds and diamonds are placed on every single chocolate. The box is also very expensive and well-crafted, ideal for storing precious ornaments rather than a few chocolates.

  1. Chocopologie Chocolate Truffle

Fritz Knipschildt is a celebrated chef who hails from Denmark. In 1999, he opened the first chocolate store that was named Knipschildt Chocolatier. Among the many sweet treats available here, the most expensive chocolate bow will cost you around $3000. This item is made from Valrhona dark chocolate. Vanilla is the other base ingredient used for the manufacture of this sweet treat. Addition of truffle oil makes this chocolate so expensive. If you desire a box of these, you must place a special order in advance.

  1. Golden Speckled Egg

Easter egg hunt will be incomplete without some chocolate eggs. But what if you had to spend a whopping $10,000 for an Easter chocolate egg? Sounds impossible, but it is not fake news. A special chocolate egg was made to order with 24-carat golden leaves and flowers to decorate the huge eggshell and the individual smaller eggs. This chocolate has been rightly called the Golden Speckled Egg.

  1. Swarovski Studded Treats

It is one chocolate box that you will not find in every mall. It is no less than a work of art. The pieces of assorted chocolates, within the silk wrapper, are not the main attraction. This box is a creation reflects the creative excellence crystal giant Swarovski and chocolatier Patchi. A finely carved flower has been placed on each piece to keep the wrapper in place. This box will cost you $10,000.

  1. La Madeline au Truffe

There are no extra points for guessing that truffle is one of the most expensive ingredients in the world. Its addition can escalate the richness and flavor of any dish, especially chocolates. La Madeline au Truffe costs $250 per piece. The manufacturers create this delicacy by coating a Perigord Truffle with a smooth and rich ganache. Every bite of this chocolate will provide a magical feeling.

  1. Wispa Gold Bar

Cadbury has revolutionized the commercial chocolate market and still has enough tricks to keep chocolate lovers engaged for another 100 years. Cadbury came out with a limited edition chocolate bar and named it Wispa Gold Bar. It is mainly a collector’s item and was marked at $1280.

  1. Brownie Extraordinaire

You will have to come down to Brulee dessert center to take a bite off this out-of-the-world chocolate brownie. They serve it with exquisite port wine and will charge you only $1000 for it.

  1. Noka Vintages

This chocolate box has been officially tagged one of the costliest sweet treats on the planet by Forbes. You need to pay up $854 for every pound of this chocolate.

  1. Delafee Edible Gold Treats

Gold and chocolate both exude richness and status. If you have the dough, then you can indulge in one of a kind experience with the Delafee Edible Gold chocolate. You will pay $397 for only eight pieces of chocolates. The good news is they are covered with 24-carat gold foiling.

  1. Richart

Using common fruits and nuts is a thing of the past. Chocolate makers are experimenting with unorthodox ingredients and flavors. If you have a craving for fruity, citrusy and herbal flavored chocolates, then you must try Richart’s creations.

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