Maharashtra Atal Aahar Yojana 2019

Maharashtra Atal Aahar Yojana 2019 [Thali Price, Menu, Place]

For improvement worker’s condition in Maharashtra, the Maharashtra Atal Aahar Yojana has been released. According to the scheme, the construction workers will get nutritious food at a lower rate. It would be implemented in areas of the state.

Maharashtra Atal Aahar Yojana

Launch details of the scheme

Name of the schemeMaharashtra Atal Aahar Yojana
Main objective of the schemeMain objective of the scheme is to provide nutritious food to construction workers
Target individuals of the schemeConstruction workers of the state
Subsidized rate of ThaliRupees 5
Number of target beneficiaries20, 000 workers
Number of workers registered for the scheme10 lakh laborers

 What are the highlighting features of the scheme?

  • Main objective of the scheme – The primary concern of the scheme is to give good quality food to the construction workers
  • Subsidized food – The workers would be given food at their workplace for rupees 5. This will help to have good food and change their life.
  • Number of beneficiaries – The state government has decided to provide benefits to 20,000 workers.
  • Benefits given to workers – By proper implementation of the above-said scheme, the Nagpur state government will give benefits to construction workers for education, health facilities and income of the workers.
  • House subsidy – apart from the benefits of the above-said scheme, the state government has given financial help to 4.5 lakh construction workers. This would help them to carry out construction work properly.

What are the eligibility criteria of the scheme?

  • Annual income of farmers – The annual income of the farmers would be required to consider when the workers are eligible to get benefits under the scheme or not. The subsidy would be given depending on some eligibility criteria.
  • Residential certificate – The residential certificate would be required as it would help in the background check of the construction workers. Only workers belonging to the state of Maharashtra are eligible to get benefits under the scheme. No other workers can apply for the scheme.
  • Personal eligibility – Only workers engaged in construction work are allowed to apply for this scheme. It would also help to know about the age of the construction workers.

Documents required and application form relating to the scheme

  • Income certificate – The worker has to produce his income certificate that would help to decide whether the worker is eligible to get the subsidy or not.
  • Residential proof –This will help to know that the person only belongs to the state of Maharashtra. This proof should be submitted at the time of application submission.

Other than this, no other information about the application submission of the scheme has been declared by the state government. It is yet to be declared by the state. As soon as it comes up, the beneficiaries of the scheme will be the first one to know about the information. They can get the information from the official website of the scheme.

However, other than the above-mentioned scheme, the Shramev Jayate Yojana would provide a pension of rupees 3, 000 to construction workers who are above the age of 60. Almost 2.5 lakh laborers have opted for the registration process according to the benefits of the scheme.

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