Kerala Transgenders Sewing Machine Scheme 2020

Kerala Transgenders Sewing Machine Scheme 2020 (eligibility, application form process)

The Kerala Transgenders Sewing Machine Scheme has been started by Kerala government with assistance of Social Justice Department. The main idea is to offer free sewing machine to the ones belonging to transgender group. However, the state government has invited online application for the same through its official portal. The scheme perks will be offered only to the ones with special sewing training. The following part talks about other relevant details of the entitled scheme.

Kerala Transgenders Sewing Machine Scheme

Launch information of scheme

Name of scheme


Kerala Transgenders Sewing Machine Scheme
Target people of scheme


Main focus of scheme


Offer sewing machine to transgender to start business of own
Scheme launched in


Scheme has been announced by


Social Justice Department, Kerala
Mode of application Online
Official portal
Email address [email protected]
Contact details  +91 471 2306040, +91 471 2302887


Key features of scheme –

  1. Objective of scheme – The main idea behind scheme launch is to offer sewing machines for free to transgenders to start business of own.
  2. Beneficiaries of scheme – Transgenders are the target group of the scheme who will be offered scope of employment to find ways of better living
  3. Training need for business – Only the ones who have embroidery or tailoring training are eligible to apply online for the scheme

Eligibility criteria for the scheme –

  • Residential details – As the scheme has been introduced in Kerala, only the candidates who are native to the state can apply for the scheme online.
  • Identification proof – By introducing suitable identification details, it shall help the higher authority to scrutiny the details to justify their eligibility for the scheme
  • Training details –If atransgender candidate does not have suitable sewing and embroidery training, they are not eligible to enjoy the scheme perks.

Documents to be produced for scheme registration

  • Residential details – The transgender candidate should produce suitable domicile documents to justify the residential proof required for scheme registration
  • Income details – Applicant should furnish documents of family annual income, if any, or equivalent to justify that they are not related or avail of benefits from any other similar scheme facilities in Kerala
  • Identification proof – The candidate need to produce Aadhaar card, Voter ID card, and ration card at the time of registration for the scheme
  • Training certificate –The candidate should produce suitable tailoring certificate to justify they have suitable training and well versed in the same

How to apply for Kerala Transgenders Sewing Machine Scheme –

  1. First, you have to visit the official portal.
  2. Following this, click on the ‘schemes’ tab that comes on the homepage and then click on the Link
  3. As the next page shows up, you have to click on the ‘Self-employment scheme for Transgenders (sewing machine)’ link that is present on the second order in the list of the schemes
  4. Now, you have to click on the ‘documents’ section and then click on the correct link to get access to the PDF form of the scheme
  5. Following this, the application form shows up on the screen where the candidates have to enter correct details failing which they may have to face rejection of the application form
  6. The interested applicant can download the PDF form and submit the same with the necessary documents that will be scrutinized by higher authorities to justify the candidates eligibility for the scheme

Only after following these steps, the application will be approved and the applicant can get the benefits under the scheme.

How to check beneficiary list for applicants?

  1. To check beneficiary name in the list, the candidate has to click on the.
  2. From the ‘target group’ section, the applicant has to click on the ‘beneficiary details’ to get the full details of the candidates.
  3. From the list that shows up, the candidates have to click on district name, financial year and the equivalent options to get the district wise list of beneficiaries

The main reason of launching the scheme is to safeguard the constitutional rights of transgender class and help them find ways for better living. This shall also help them make identity and live better life in this discriminated society.

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