[New List] KALIA Scheme in Odisha 2019-20

Kalia Scheme Yojana for Farmers in Odisha 2019-20 [Full Form, List Name Block, District Wise, Download Online Application Form Process, Toll Free Number, Farmer Beneficiary List]

After offering scholarship to the needy students, the Odisha government has progressed with the implementation and operation of Kalia Scheme for farmers. The primary purpose of the project is to offer support and financial assistance to the poor and needy agricultural workers of the state. The authority is sanguine that the successful implementation will not only increase the agricultural output of the state, but will also ensure the overall development of the farmers.


Launch details

Name of the schemeKalia Scheme For Farmers
Full FormKrushak Assistance for Livelihood and Income Augmentation (KALIA) Scheme
Launched inOdisha
Launched byNaveen Patnaik
Launch date21st December 2018
Target beneficiariesSmall, marginal and vulnerable agri-workers
Implementation modeImplementation in two different phases
Application modeOffline application
Online Portalkalia.co.in

Key features of the Kalia Scheme

  1. Development of agriculture and farmers – The primary objective of the government is to offer financial support to the poor farmers. It will not only improve their condition, but will also increase agricultural share of the state. Thus, the overall financial standing of the state will also go up.
  2. Financial assistance before cropping season – Each selected beneficiary will receive financial assistance for purchasing necessary things for five consecutive cropping seasons. The beneficiaries will receive Rs. 25,000 under this category.
  3. Money for farmers without any land – Those farmer families that do not possess their own agricultural land will receive Rs.12, 500. These beneficiaries can make use of this money to branch out in animal husbandry.
  4. Economic assistance for vulnerable farmers – The farmers who are suffering from any disability, and fall in the vulnerable category will attain Rs. 10,000 on an annual basis. This money will help them in meeting some emergency requirements.
  5. Credit facility – All farmers will also be able to attain financial loan to meet their agricultural requirements. The state will offer as much as Rs. 50,000 as loan to all the registered beneficiaries of this scheme.
  6. Interest on the credit – The state will not charge any interest on the loan that will be given to the farmers, under the Kalia scheme. If the credit amount is more than Rs. 50,000, then the beneficiaries will have to pay an interest.
  7. Life insurance policy – All farmers, who fall in the age bracket of 18 and 50 years, will attain a life insurance of Rs. 2 lakhs. Though the premium for such a policy is Rs. 330, the Odisha authority will pay Rs. 165 on behalf of the farmer.
  8. Accidental insurance – The Odisha government will also offer accident insurance to the farmers. The insurance cover is of Rs. 2 lakhs, and the premium is Rs. 12 only. The half that is supposed to be paid by the farmer will be taken care of by Odisha authority.

Eligibility and documents necessary for Kalia Scheme

  1. Residents of Odisha – The primary requirement for getting these benefits is that the applicant must be a legal resident of Odisha. To prove this, the applicant will have to attach a copy of any official residential certificate.
  2. Small, marginal and landless agricultural workers – As per the guidelines of this scheme, only those farmers will be able to apply who fall under the small, marginal, landless and vulnerable categories.
  3. BPL candidates – It is mandatory for the interested candidates to attach a copy of their BPL certificate as well.
  4. Registered farmers – Only those applicants will be able to get the benefits of the scheme that are associated with farming and related activities on a full time basis.
  5. Personal ID of the farmers – Attaching a copy of the farmer’s Aadhar card, voter card and ration card are must with the application form. These documents will offer personal identification details of the applicant. These will be uploaded on the state database and checked for authenticity.
  6. Papers of the agricultural plot – Only those farmers will be allowed to take part in this scheme that possess an agricultural plot that measures between 2.5 acres and 5 acres. Thus, submitting the legal land registration papers is a must to attain the perks.
  7. Bank account details – Apart from the above mentioned documents, applicants need to attach the details of their bank account. Otherwise, the state authority will not be able to transfer the money to the respective account of the beneficiary.

How to get registration form and enroll for the program?

  1. As mentioned by the state government, it has launched a new site, from where; interested farmers will be able to gather information as well as the registration form.
  2. Once they lick on the official link https://www.kalia.co.in/index.html of the scheme portal, they will see a link that has been marked as “Application Form.”
  3. As the interested candidate clicks on this link, the online form will pop up on the screen.
  4. The applicants will have to download the form by clicking on the respective download button.
  5. Then they will have to get a printout of this form.
  6. Once the entire applicant form has been filled with the necessary details, the applicant must attach all necessary documents with it.
  7. After this, the applicants will have to get to nearest state departmental office and submit the form.

How to check the application status?

  1. The state government has already started the application process for the second round. Thus, it is only obvious that it has released the beneficiary list for the first phase
  2. Any farmer, who applied during the first phase enrollment, will be able to check the beneficiary list by logging on the official site for the scheme.
  3. After the candidate clicks on the official link, i.e https://www.kalia.co.in/index.html, he/she will get access to the beneficiary list link.
  4. Clicking on this option will take the applicant directly to the page from where he/she will get the beneficiary list.
  5. One can get to this page directly by clicking on the link https://www.kalia.co.in/beneficiary.aspx.
  6. Once the page opens, the applicant can generate a search with the name of the district, personal name and address.

Helpline number

If any applicant requires additional information about the project, then he/she can give a miss call on the telephone number 08061174222. It will trigger the system to send an SMS to the mobile number from where the missed call was made. The SMS will contain all details, pertaining to the Kalia Scheme for the development of the farmers. Apart from this, you can get information by dialing the toll free number 1800-572-1122.

In a state like Odisha, where 99% of the rural population is associated with farming or agro-related sectors, the state government must do all it can to develop the overall living standards of the farmers. As the situation of the landless farmers is very dire, the Kalia program will offer them a number of financial benefits as well as life insurance, for taking care of the economic needs of the family.

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