Ekamra Khetra Yojana Odisha

Ekamra Khetra (Kshetra) Yojana in Odisha (Full Form – Ekamra Kshetra Amenities and Monuments Revival Action)

The government in Odisha has been working relentlessly for the development of the needy people in the state. The implementation of the Ekamra Kshetra Amenities and Monuments Revival Action is another step towards this. The scheme is popularly known as the Ekamra Khetra Yojana. On the 27th of January, 2020, the Chied Minister announced the official launch of this project.

He mentioned that the scheme will offer the necessary relief to the individuals, who have been uprooted from their homes due to the heritage restoration plan, implemented by the state government.

One of the key tourist spots in the state is the Lingaraj Temple. It has been denoted as one of the many heritage places in the state. An area measuring up to 66 acres also comes under the temple restoration plan. The state government will ensure that the beauty and the value of the temple sits are developed as per the features of the heritage restoration plan. Many individuals had donated land for the temple. The restoration works will be completed by the end of six months. The Chief Minister also ensured that the land donators will be properly honored. Their name will be etched on stones, and will be placed within the temple complex.

Land acquisition and rehabilitation plans

For proper restoration of the temple and its adjoining areas, the state government has acquired land from the residents. These individuals were displaced from their properties. However, the state has ensured that such patta holders will be adequately compensated. It will be done as per the Rehabilitation and Resettlement Act 2013 and Right to Fair Compensation Transparency in Land Acquisition.

The displaced individuals will get plot to erect their homes. The state government will evaluate the market price of the acquired land and the rehabilitation land. In case the acquired land value is more than the rehabilitation land, the individual will be given money for compensating the loss.

Apart from this, the state government will provide Rs. 1 lakh to every displaced household. The money can be used to arrange transportation for moving to the new plot. Till the houses are constructed on the new land, the patta holders will have to stay in rented residential units. An assistance sum of Rs.15, 000 will be given to these people for the rent payments. The amount will be deposited in the bank account for 12 months.

Assistance for shop owners

Many shop owners had to give up their lands during the space acquisition scheme. The Chief Minister highlighted that transportation assistance amount of Rs. 1 lakh will be offered to such candidates. If the shop area is more than 200m, the show owners will attain Rs. 20,000 as rent assistance for a fixed period. In case the measurement of the shop space is less than 200m, the rent assistance amount will be Rs. 15, 000. Additionally, the state will ensure that every shop owner is offers a befitting store at half rates. In case a shop owner is interested in a single installment compensation payment, the state government is offering a Rs 20 lakh package.

Assistance for kuccha shop owners

Several vendors operated in these areas, which had access to make-shift stores. They will no longer be able to function in the area. The state government has announced that such store owners will be given Rs. 30,000. However, this money will be offered in two separate installments. The authority has also developed a Street Vending Plan for the rehabilitation of these shop owners.

Relocation of institutes and offices

Many private and government offices were also situated on the land that has been taken over by the Odisha state government. Academic institutes and other organizations also have to relocate. For smooth relocation, Bhubaneswar Municipal Commissioner and his team will chart out the necessary plans for the reestablishment of these organizations on a new plot.

Restoration of mutts

Many mutts will also need to the relocated to a new location for the successful completion of the restoration project. The state government will converse with the BMC Commissioner for accomplishing this task. It will be the responsibility of the Commissioner to consult with the Khurda Collector. Accordingly a plan will be chalked out for the relocation of these mutts.

The Odisha government will send notification to the candidates who need to donate land for the restoration scheme. If the applicant completes the land donation process with in a span of 30 days, the state government will provide an extra cash incentive that will be equal to 10% of the total benefit that the applicant is entitled to receive.

Apart from the restoration of the temple, the state government will also renovate the water prehistoric and natural water tanks, which are located in the Old Town. Muketswara and Kedar Gouri Temples are also included in this scheme. Along with restorations, the state government will invest money in for constructing a center for heritage interpretation. It will boost the flow of tourists in these areas. The Odisha government generates hefty revenue from the tourism sector. Thus, it is necessary that the authority takes the necessary measures to ensure the protection of various heritage sites in this area. Heritage interpretation institute will be able to manage and monitor the meticulous restoration techniques. Trained and experienced experts will be placed at the head of the organization to ensure the best results.

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