Download cVigil Mobile App by EC for Lok Sabha Elections 2019

Download cVigil Mobile App by EC for Lok Sabha (General) Elections 2019 in India

The cVigil mobile application has been released by the election commission. It can be downloaded from Google Store. This can be used to lodge any complaint of misconduct that takes places in the Lok Sabha election 2019.   Therefore, it would help in citizen’s empowerment. They will be able to voice their complaints through this newly launched application.

cVigil Mobile App

What is the benefit of launching the application?

  • With the launch of the application in the PAN India level, citizens can prevent any wrong deeds during the election.
  • They can also record any illegal activity with the help of the App. So, with the help of this application, any malpractice relating to the upcoming election can be prevented.
  • The main objective of the Election commission is to eliminate any malpractices related to LokSabha election. Further, it would ensure a fair election procedure.
  • Election commission procedures are duty bound to take stringent actions for any illegal activities.
  • With the proper launch of the application, every citizen would remain alert about the proceedings of the election commission.

However, the citizens have to click on the cVIGIL Mobile App Download link to be able to download the application.

How does the cVigil application work?

Citizens do not have to visit any returning officer in order to file complaints regarding election commission proceedings. With the help of this simple application, citizens will be able to use it properly. The application is compatible to run on the android version. Some of the steps to easily use the application are detailed further.

  • The first step of using the application would be account verification
  • The second phase would involve uploading of photo and video in the application
  • In the third phase, it would help in automatic location captured facility
  • In the final and fourth phase, you will be able to check status.

How would the complaint be resolved?

  • You have to click on the picture or video that you wish to upload.
  • Along with uploading the file, you have to describe the purpose of uploading the video or picture in the mobile application.
  • The complainant can hide his or her name while uploading the activity in the mobile application.
  • It is further known that the cases lodged in the cVigil application will be handled by the flying squads. This would be done by the help of GIS-based platform.
  • The officials are trained in such a way that they have to take action within 100 minutes of the complaint lodged.

Other than this, the election commission has planned for another measure through which they can check identification of candidates. In addition, they can also look for proper printing of photograph in the EVM machine. Therefore, this would help to reduce the problems of the identification of the citizen at the polling booth.

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