List of Democratic & Non-Democratic Countries In The World

List of Democratic & Non-Democratic Countries In The World

Democracy – Meticulous plans and flawless implementation is necessary for the overall development of any nation. But this governing power cannot be given directly in the hands of the common people as it will give rise to total chaos. So, the common people support one or more candidates, and these selected individuals get the power to look after the various affairs of the country. This type of governance is known as Democracy. Here, the government is “of, by, and for’ the commoners. Commoners have the right to vote and elect a political party and its leader as the leader of the nation. If the party fails to meet up to the expectations of the countrymen, then they can topple the present government and bring another party to power.

List of Democratic And Non-Democratic Countries In The World

Democratic country

There was a time when royal families ruled over the people of a specific area. The son of the king, the prince, took over the throne after the death of the king. Monarchy was the popular form of government. When an incompetent king came to the throne, he paved the path for misery for the people, and a probable revolution. With time, monarchy lost its glory, and political leaders realized that democracy is the best form of government. According to latest reports, there are 167 nations, which follow the democratic system of governance. Here is a list that highlights the names of some of the biggest democracies in the world.

  1. Norway
  2. Iceland
  3. Sweden
  4. New Zealand
  5. Denmark
  6. Canada
  7. Ireland
  8. Finland
  9. Australia
  10. Switzerland
  11. Austria
  12. Luxembourg
  13. Germany
  14. India
  15. Uruguay
  16. USA
  17. Spain
  18. Mauritius
  19. Malta
  20. Netherlands
  21. Greece
  22. Nepal
  23. Italy

According to the latest reports, presented by the Democracy Index, these are some of the nations, which follow democracy very strongly. India has been dubbed as the largest democratic nations in the world. Democratic system, apart from allowing the people to pick their preferred government, also eliminates the chances of corruption at the higher levels. But this is limited only in books, as no government can claim to be completely corruption-free.

Non-democratic Country

Though most of the independent nations have opted for the rule of the people, there are some countries, which have not embraced this form of government. The common people are ruled by the king or the queen, who wield the ultimate power. Apart from the non-democratic countries, there are some nations, which have a combination of democracy and monarchy. But here, you will get a glance at some of the non-democratic states of the world:

  1. United Kingdom – United Kingdom has relished its monarchical status for long. Though the queen is supposed to be the head of the country, she does not have much say in the policy formation and implementation. The actual power resides in the hands of the UK parliament.
  2. Qatar – The Prime Minister is the head of the Qatar government. But don’t let this fool you as it is one nation that walks on the path of monarchy The PM has all the powers to decide the policies. There is no opposition to question him as well.
  3. Morocco – The royal family of Morocco is very much relevant to this day. Instead of absolute monarchy, the nation has opted for a balance with constitutional monarchy.
  4. Saudi Arabia – The country is ruled over by Salman bin Abdulaziz Al Saud. All affairs of the nation are done according to the Islamic laws. There is not much freedom for the women, as they have to adhere to strict rules.
  5. North Korea – The country is under dictator rule. Though the government organizes an election, but there is only one candidate, which makes it easy for him. People have no choice but to bring the candidate to power.
  6. Vietnam – Only one communist political party is active in the country. The President followed by the Prime Minister rule the nation. They both belong to the same party. Thus, it is far from being a democratic nation.
  7. China – It is another communist country they does not follow the democratic path. It is a one-party rule.

Apart from these nations, Jordan, Turkmenistan, Iraq, Cuba and Libya also have a constitution that talks about democracy. In reality, these nations are ruled by a single party or family that holds all the power.

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