Deen Dayal Swasthya Seva Yojana Goa (DDSSY) 2019-20

Deen Dayal Swasthya Seva Yojana in Goa (DDSSY) 2019-20 [Packages, Renewal Center, Online, Hospital List, Application Form Download, Health Card, How to Claim, Eligibility, Check Status, Last Date

The Goa government announced a medical insurance coverage program for the poor and needy individuals. Under the Deen Dayal Swasthya Seva Yojana, beneficiaries would attain necessary treatment free of cost. They just need to pay the premium, which is an insignificant amount when compared to the multiple benefits that the project offers. In this article, you will read about the features, eligibility, application process and other related details.

Deen Dayal Swasthya Seva Yojana in Goa

Launch details of the scheme

Name of the schemeDeen Dayal Swasthya Seva Yojana or DDSSY
Launched inGoa
Launched byLate. Manohar Parrikar
Date of announcement2015 – 2016
Official application dateJune 2016
Validity of insurance policyMarch 2020
Target beneficiariesNeedy people of the state
Supervised byGoa Electronics Limited
Helpline Number18002332568

Key features of the scheme

  1. Proper treatment for all – Financially weak families do not have enough cash at hand to pay for expensive treatments. The implementation of this scheme was done so that such families can improve their health, without any financial worries.
  2. Cashless treatment facilities – Beneficiaries and their family members can attain treatment in the specified hospitals, without paying even a rupee for the treatments. The Goa government will pay for the medical expenses.
  3. Insurance coverage amount – Small families, with three or less members will attain a medical coverage of no more than Rs. 2.5 lakhs during one financial year. If the family member count is four or more, such families will attain medical coverage of Rs. 4 lakhs for every year.
  4. Two medical insurance groups – This medical insurance scheme is divided in two separate categories. One is for those households, which consist of less than three members. If the number of family members is more than or equal to four, then such household will fall in the second category.
  5. Premium payment as per family member count – Beneficiaries will have to pay the premium to attain the benefits of the insurance scheme. If the household falls under the first category, then the applicant must shell out Rs. 200 for application and renewal. The amount, applicable for applicants, falling in the second category is Rs. 300.
  6. Treatment in specified centers only – If you are a beneficiary of this scheme, then you must take admission in only the listed treatment centers. Otherwise, you will not attain the cashless facility.

Eligibility to become a beneficiary

  1. Residents of Goa – This scheme is not only open for the legal and permanent residents of Goa, but also for such individuals who have been residing in an part of Goa for five consecutive years or more.
  2. OBC, ST and SC applicants – The medical betterment and insurance policy will include mainly the people who fall in the Schedule Caste or Schedule Tribe categories. People, who are registered under any OBS category, will also receive the perks.
  3. Not for government employees – Goa state and central government employees have been kept out of this medical insurance scheme as they already receive medical insurance benefits from the respective departments.

Documents necessary for application

  1. Permanent residential proof – If the applicant was born and is a legal member of Goa, then he/she needs to submit official permanent residential documents for successful registration.
  2. Residential certificate – In case the applicant is not a permanent resident of this scheme, but has been living in the state for more than five years, then he/she must submit a residential certificate that can be collected from the BDO.
  3. Aadhar card and Voter card – The scheme draft has mentioned it clearly that every interested applicant must bring the original Aadhar and voter cards. Along with these, photocopies of the two identification proof passes must be brought to the registration camp.
  4. Ration card – A photocopy of the ration card must be submitted mandatorily, as it will highlight the number of family members in the particular household.
  5. Marriage certificate for spouse – Married applicants must include the name of their wives/husbands in the scheme. A copy of the marriage registration certificate is necessary to support the claims.
  6. Child’s birth certificate – If the applicant has a small child, who is still dependent on his/her parents, then the age proof and birth certificate of the child must be submitted for record keeping.
  7. Declaration application for dependent parents – If the aged parents of the applicant or his/her in-laws live in the same house, and want to be a part of this scheme, then an additional application, stating the age and status of the aged members must be submitted during registration.
  8. OBC certificate – Candidates, belonging to other backward classes or OBC categories can also get the medical benefits. In that case, such applicants need to submit their OBC certificates.
  9. ST and SC certificate – If the applicant is a member of either the Schedule Caste or the Schedule Tribe category, then he/she needs to provide ST or SC certificates.
  10. Disability certificate – If any applicant enthusiast suffers from any degree of physical or mental disability, he/she must furnish a proper disability certificate. The disability certificate must be issued and licensed by the Goa Medical Board.

How to get application form and apply for the scheme?

  1. The former Chief Minister of the state was very compassionate about the situation of the poor and uneducated people, residing in the rural areas. He was aware that an online application process would pave the path for more inconveniences.
  2. Thus, he entrusted the GEL or Goa Electronics Limited institute with task of completing offline registration.
  3. The GEL officials were sent to rural as well as urban areas to set up application camps.
  4. Interested and eligible beneficiaries were asked to show up at these camps with their necessary documents.
  5. The GEL representative had access to special software that was used for completing the application process.
  6. The candidates came to the camps, handed over their documents, and paid the specified fee to the camp representatives.
  7. These agents filled in an enrollment form on behalf of these applicants, and issued a Medical Benefit Card for every registering family.

How to apply for hospital empanelment?

  1. Private nursing homes must apply to become a part of this unique health care betterment scheme.
  2. The nursing home authority must click on the official website of the scheme. To access this page, the person must click on the link Deen Dayal Swasthya Seva Yojana Goa Portal.
  3. It will trigger the activation of the main portal. On the homepage, there are four thumbnails, one of which is marked as “Hospital.”
  4. Below the thumbnail, there is a “Click Here” button. The person can click on this link and get to a new page.
  5. On the new page, the person must select the type of the treatment center; feed the username or the registered email and password credentials.
  6. Then he/she must click on the button that is marked as “Login”
  7. It will give the persona access to a digitized registration form. It is specially created for the enlistment of the treatment centers.
  8. Once the form has been filled in, the person must submit it in the database.

How to check the list of empanelled hospitals?

  1. Any beneficiary, who is in need of medical care, can get to the any of the listed hospitals for acquiring the proper treatment.
  2. If the beneficiary is not aware of the listed hospitals’ names, then he/she can get the details from the official scheme portal.
  3. The interested beneficiary must click on the authorized portal link.
  4. Once the homepage opens, the candidate can see a tab on the top of the banner that is marked as “Empanelled Hospitals.”
  5. As soon as the beneficiary clicks on this link, a new page will open up.
  6. This page contains the names of all the listed hospitals in Goa. Thus, the beneficiary can pick a treatment center as per his/her preference.


Q: Will the Goa government pay the premium?

Ans: No, for now, the applicants must pay the premium.

Q: Do you need to apply for renewal?

Ans: Once the insurance policy lapses, beneficiaries must register for a renewal.

Q: Do you need to pay any money during renewal?

Ans: Yes! Depending on the size of the family, beneficiaries must pay either Rs. 200 or Rs. 300 during renewal.

Q: Will beneficiaries get a medical card?

Ans: After registration, applicants will attain a Medical Benefit Card that contains the details of the applicant.

Q: Is it possible to apply online?

Ans: Though there is an official portal for the scheme, applicants must go to the registration camps for an offline enrollment.

Even after the death of the former Chief Minister, the incumbent CM has decided to go ahead with this scheme. There has been a marked increase in the number of needy people, taking admission in treatment centers for medical assistance. The state government is already looking at the necessary measures, which will make the scheme even more beneficial for the beneficiaries.

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