Cricket World Cup History

Cricket World Cup History (Winner list, Team Record, India)

After Football, if there is any game, that has got the sports enthusiasts wrapped around its fingers, then it has to be Cricket. In some nations like India, Pakistan and Sri Lanka, the respective national cricket associations promote cricket more than any other sport. Thought the game was invented by the British, countries from all over the world have embraced it as their own. The thrill of the game is gripping, and the madness in the cricket stadiums is electrifying. A person who has not been in the stadium once will fail to understand the feelings of passionate fans.

But the game was not always this popular. It was mostly played in England, the birthplace of cricket, and the areas surrounding the UK. Earlier, only test matches were played between the teams. Some found this five-day sporting event somewhat uninteresting. Thus, they came up with something that was called one-day games. The rules were simple – each team will bat for 30 overs, and the other side will be bowling in the meantime. Once the 30 overs are complete, the bowling team will get the chance to bat and attain the run target required to win the one day game. However, the rules of the game were remodeled over time to ensure a fair game.

World Cup Cricket History

Cricket World Cup

As the popularity of cricket grew, the need was felt to manage the task of organizing the matches. It laid the foundation for the formation of International Cricket Council or ICC. Be it the organization of a game, or the conduct of any player; this council has the final words. The idea of organizing a Cricket World Cup tournament was hatched by the ICC. The games were ODIs or One Day International matches. The large sporting event takes places after a gap of four years. The teams, which are a part of the ICC will have to play in the qualifying matches to cement their position in the final list. Apart from the men’s tournament, the ICC also organizes the Women’s Cricket World Cup.

History of Cricket World Cup

Before the conception of the world cup idea, the most important cricketing event was The Ashes, played between England and Australia. In the year 1889, the ICC granted permission to South Africa to take part in test matches as well. The Olympics is by far the most prestigious sporting event on the face of the planet. The Olympic Association decided to include cricket as well. This was done in 1900 when the Olympic was held in Paris. The final was between the host nation France and the inventors of cricket, England. The England cricket team had the last laugh as the French side was defeated. But cricket failed to make any mark in the Olympics. Thus, it was decided to take it out of the event.

With time, there was a gradual rise in the number of nations, which was able to qualify to take part in the test cricket list. This game the ICC the chance to hold an event that could include many cricket playing nations simultaneously. It was not like the traditional triangular tournaments or bilateral events. This idea planted the initial seed for the conception of Cricket World Cup.

Prudential World Cup

The gripping event was not always known as the Cricket World Cup. It was more popularly known as the Prudential Cup. The first competition took place in 1975, and England organized it. No other country, present in the test qualifier list had the money to pull off something of that status. These matches only took place until before the sunset. The players were required to wear white vests and pants. Each side had to face 60 balls. Eight nations took part in this very first world cup. The West Indies team shocked the cricket lovers when they lifted the Prudential Cup that year.

The ICC trophy was introduced in 1979. Apart from the teams, which were eligible to play test tournaments, those national teams, which were still to earn this status, were allowed to take part in this world cup. This tournament established the superiority of the West Indies team inside the stadium. Over time, many changes were made to make the game more enjoyable. The number of nations, interested in taking part in the tournament also increased. In recent years, it reached such a number that ICC had to come up with a new rule that all teams will have to prove themselves in the qualifying matches. If they win the qualifying rounds, then the winning teams will be allowed to advance to the actual Cricket World Cup.

Cricket World Cup Trophy

It is surprising to know that a sporting event of this stature did not have any permanent trophy that was to be handed over to the winners. They experimented with several trophies and finally came up with the design for ICC world cup. It took the craftsmen at Garrard & Co nearly two months to ready the cup. It is now the permanent tournament cup and is transferred from one winning team to the other.

List of Winners

Year of EventHost NationWinnerRunner-upVenue
1975EnglandWest IndiesAustraliaLondon
1979EnglandWest IndiesEnglandLondon
1983EnglandIndiaWest IndiesLondon
1987Indian and PakistanAustraliaEnglandKolkata
1992Australia and New ZealandPakistanEnglandMelbourne


India, Sri Lanka, and Pakistan 

Sri Lanka





2003South AfricaAustraliaIndiaJohannesburg
2007West IndiesAustraliaSri LankaBridgetown


India, Bangladesh, and Sri Lanka 



Sri Lanka





Australia and New Zealand 



New Zealand



2019EnglandStarts soon——-London

Cricket World Cup 2019

All cricket lovers are waiting for the start of the 2019 World Cup tournament. The national teams are hard at practice so that they can give their best on the field. The fans are ready to cheer for their national team. There is good news for Indian cricket lovers. India will host the next ICC Cricket World Cup in 2023. Keeping the present game of the Indian cricket team, one can hope that Virat Kohli and his ‘boys in blue’ will bring home the trophy.

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