Cobblers (Mochi) in Haryana can get the bank loan

Cobblers (Mochi) in Haryana can get the bank loan to set up their kiosks (Differential Rate of Interest (DRI) Scheme)

Cobblers throughout the nation nowadays suffer from lack of financial assistance to set up their kiosks and promote their line of business. On the other hand, almost every cobbler in Haryana in recent times has decided to make use of the bank loan amount up to Rs. 15k under the Differential Rate of Interest (DRI) Scheme.

The main attractions of this loan scheme for low income groups are easy and quick loan processing.  The following details assist you know about this scheme and its features and benefits.

Differential Rate of Interest (DRI) Scheme

All-Indian Scheduled Commercial Banks introduced this scheme in 1972.  The main objective of this scheme is to provide the bank finance at a concessional interest rate of 4% per annum to weaker sections of the community to take part in productive as well as gainful activities for enhancing their economic conditions. This scheme is being implemented throughout the nation.

Features and the Eligibility criteria for DRI Scheme

It is the right time to be aware of the most significant features of this loan scheme and make a good decision to use this loan scheme towards the fulfilment of commencement of the own business.

  • All cobblers in Haryana can avail the loan money of Rs 15, 000 from banks to begin their own company anywhere in the nation without any complexity and also delay.
  • Almost every bank in Haryana in recent times has geared up for providing the absolute guidance to customers who seek details about this loan and how to get this loan.
  • Cobblers who have properly applied and qualified for this loan under the DRI scheme can get a loan for low interest rate to develop their productive work in the most successful manner.
  • The most reputable banks in the nation will provide the highest possible financial assistance via the DRI Scheme to cobblers who come under the economically weaker group and seek how to commence their own business.
  • The State Government of Haryana will have to make certain about the overall back-up arrangement for every bank. The state government has the responsibility to repay the loan amount when the borrower of the loan under the DRI scheme failed to repay.
  • Haryana State Government has urged every banker to contribute a little part of profits earned in all social works under the scheme of corporate social responsibility.

This newly launched Differential Rate of Interest (DRI) Scheme will boost the cobblers to let their children carry their education by increasing their business with the aid of finance assistance, and it will lead them to the bright future.

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