Chief Minister Onion Incentive Scheme in Madhya Pradesh

Chief Minister Onion Incentive Scheme in Madhya Pradesh (Farmers, Eligibility, Onion Price)

For improving the condition of farmers in selling onion, the Onion Incentive Scheme has been released by the Chief Minister of Madhya Pradesh in the state. By proper implementation of the scheme, farmers will get proper prices for onions. The state government has promised the farmers to provide assistance to needy farmers.  This will help to improve their condition.

Chief Minister Onion Incentive Scheme in Madhya Pradesh

Launch details of the scheme

Name of the schemeOnion Incentive Scheme


Scheme has launched byChief Minister of Madhya Pradesh


Scheme has been launched inMarch 2019


Target beneficiaries of schemeFarmers of the state


Main objective of the scheme Is to provide fair price in which farmers can produce onions

 What are the salient features of the MP Onion Incentive scheme?

  • Main objective of the scheme – The needy farmers of the state will get proper price for their onion produce. Further, the government has promised to encourage people belonging to all class to purchase onions from the farmers in not less than rupees 800 per quintal. This will automatically help the farmers to improve their sale rate of the onions in the state.
  • Target beneficiaries – The farmers of Madhya Pradesh producing onion will be able to get benefits under this scheme.
  • Grant given to traders – When traders buy onions for rupees 800 per quintal and sell it outside the state, the government will grant them 75% of their expense. This would be given on account of storage and transport expenses. In this way, the farmers will be helped by the government.
  • Price fluctuation of onion – It is seen that onion price falls in Mandis, whereas in cities the price of onion rises. So, with the help of this onion incentive scheme, farmers can get adequate assistance to get a fair price for their onion produce in the state.

What are the eligibility criteria of the Onion Incentive scheme?

  • Farmers’ registration – In order to get benefits under the scheme, the farmers must get themselves registered. In addition, they have to sell onion during that period in order to get financial help from the government.
  • Bank account – The farmer should have a bank account of his own. The financial assistance from the government will be directly credited to the bank account of the farmer.
  • Annual income of farmers – Depending on the annual income of the farmer, the financial assistance will be given to them. The amount of money will be decided on the income that the farmer gets from his annual sale of onion.
  • Personal details –This scheme is only applicable to the farmers who belong to Madhya Pradesh. Farmers from other states are not allowed to get benefits from the scheme.

Documents required and application process of the scheme

  • Bank documents – The bank documents should be submitted at the time of application as the bank should be linked. This would help the farmers to get the financial help credited directly in their personal account.
  • Residential details – This documents will help them to run a background check to check whether the farmers only belongs to the state of Madhya Pradesh or any other state.
  • Income certificate–The benefit will be given to the farmers depending on their annual income.

CM Onion Incentive Scheme in MP Application Form Process

However, no such application procedure relating to the scheme has come up. As soon as the information comes up, the beneficiary framers will be the first one to know about it from the official portal of the scheme. In addition, they will also be able to know about the stepwise information to apply online for this scheme.

The Chief Minister, Kamal Nath is of the opinion that the farmers should not bring the entire store of onion for sale. By increasing the storage, there might be a chance of price fall of the onion. So, they should bring a part of the onion storage. This way the farmers will get fair prices for the crop in the cities.

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