Cheapest Travel Destinations in the World

Cheapest Travel Destinations Place in the World

Are you looking for a travel destination that offers value? Do you wish to travel to a country where you can stay for longer without making it difficult on your pockets? There are several cheap destinations in the world where you can enjoy for a long time and save money. Some 30 destinations around the world are detailed in the following part of the article. In addition, transportation, accommodation, food, and other details are also given. This will help you grasp a better idea about the places and plan your tour accordingly.

Cheapest travel destinations in the world


Are you a street food lover? If Vietnam is in your list as your next travel destination, you will get some cheapest and healthiest food there starting from rice noodles, broth, cilantro, pork, aromatic coffee, and others. To enjoy the scenic beauty to its fullest, it is better to rent a motorbike, and you are ready for the day. Even if you are not comfortable riding a bike in a chaotic city like Vietnam, you can rent GrabBike that provides service similar to that of Uber. Moreover, you can rent this car service at a pocket-friendly rate. In addition, the trains and locals buses are reliable and much within the budget. If you are worried about accommodation, to tell you the truth, you can get affordable accommodation than anywhere else in the world. When traveling to Vietnam for the first time, you might need to opt for a SIM card with a month’s validity. So, starting from exploring the city, accommodation, food, and others, you can get them at a cheaper rate.


It costs almost $25 per day. If you have the tenacity to explore the whole city, you can easily spend a month in Cambodia. Here, dorms are common which are available at a cheap rate. The affordability factor is present both for food and alcohol in the city. You can get a 3-day pass to visit Angkor Wat which is offered at a cheap rate. In addition, you can also plan for bicycle riding to a small nearby village from the city where you can get cheap food including delicious meat dishes. When looking for boutique hotels, you can get plenty of them from the online website. But these may not be as cheap as booking normal hotels. Some hotels offer a complimentary breakfast. Even when you are looking for a day’s bike ride, you can get rates varying from $6 to $15 on a daily basis.

Northern Thailand

Northern Thailand can be travelled even if you have a tight budget. But as you start to move towards the south of the city, the cost of living and others start to rise. When planning for a short trip, it is preferable to stay in the north of the city. In popular places like Pai and Chiang Mai in the city, you can get dorms for a cheap rate of $5. Here again, if you are a street food lover, you can both save money and get to taste some mouth watering food. When it comes to exploring the city, it is equally affordable on your pockets. It includes visiting White Temple, going for hiking, renting a car and visiting some popular destinations nearby.


The interesting thing about Indonesia is that it can either can too cheap or expensive. The varying cost of living can be due to the difference in the transportation cost in the city. If you are planning for intercity traveling, it can be both expensive and time taking. So, it is better that you stick to one region or two and start exploring it. This can help you save money. For meaningful experience in the city, staying in one place and exploring it will give you better options as there is a lot of seeing in one region in this city. Irrespective of the part of the city in which you are living, you are sure to get cheap drinks and food which are delicious at the same time.


Most travellers perceive this place as expensive as among the economically developed Southeast Asian countries. Some people are of the notion that the city is not worthy of a long vacation. But according to another group of travellers it can be said that if you tend to stay for long in the place, you can meet with many local people. In addition, you will find several common grounds to discuss with the local people. However, some travellers also found visiting Malaysia worthy compared to places like Cambodia or Laos and others. Adding more to your surprise, if you are planning to visit Kuala Lumpur or Perhentian Islands, it will be easy on your pockets. One thing which is expensive in Malaysia is alcohol. Other than this, accommodation, food and exploring the city is not that expensive as many travellers might assume it to be.


You can visit Nepal spending a few dollars on food, transport, and accommodation. There are many local options to avail when you visit the city. Local small cafes are preferable compared to street food. Also, when booking hotels online, you should be careful as local homestay arrangements have been taken over by third parties. In this, luxurious boutique and resorts are made. It is better that you only book for the first few days after which you can opt for local guest house arrangements available in the city.


India is another of the cheapest countries to visit in the world. Getting rooms for $3 can be considered as a basic rate. It will be hard for you to find cheap places in the Northern part of the city. But in the south, you are sure to fall in love with the beautiful beaches that offer budget accommodation. It is advisable to book everything by yourself that would help you travel on a budget. Similar to Nepal, if you opt for local guest house, restaurants and others, you are sure to get the half the price offered online.

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