How to Apply for Mudra Loan

How to Apply for Mudra Loan We will skip all the fuss about Mudra Yojana and avoid describing the Yojana here. We are sure are very much aware of the Yojana by now. However, you may not be sure about the process of applying for Mudra Loan. So, we will directly focus on the subject … Read more

Shishu Loan of Mudra Yojana

Shishu Loan of Mudra Yojana Pradhan Mantri Mudra Yojana sent ripples across India when it was launched back in 2015. The exact date of its launch was April 8, 2015. This year, on April 8, the scheme will turn 2 years old. Under this scheme, the government set up a new institution which became popular … Read more

interest Rates in Mudra Loans

Interest Rates in Mudra Loans Each banks have a different Interest rate for providing mudra loans. It also depends on the person or business that applies. If you have a good loan history then you will get loan at a better interest rates. If you are new then you will have to struggle a little … Read more

All About Educational Loan

All About Educational Loan The Education loan is one of the most availed loans taken not only in our country, but in the entire world. Almost all banks and financial institutions have several schemes of educational loans for the ambitious students who want to pursue higher education but do not have the financial support of … Read more

All About Car Loans

Introduction to car loans The only viable option for any middle class person for buying a car would be taking a car loan. This introduction is for the sake of the few who doesn’t know about car loans. In layman terms, car loans are provided to people who can’t afford to pay the full amount. … Read more

All You Should Know About Personal Loans

All You Should Know About Personal Loans Before Applying for Them Usually banks give loans for important purposes like education, marriage business and so on. But a personal loan is something that you can use for a variety of purposes, basically for anything that you want. However, that flexibility comes at a price. Just like … Read more

Age Limit in Mudra Loan

Age Limit in Mudra Loan The Pradhan Mantri Mudra Yojana, simply referred to as Mudra Yojana, is a financial aid scheme designed and launched by the NDA government. This scheme aims towards extending financial aid to non-corporate non-farm manufacturing and service units in India that employ majority of the Indian labor force in the unorganized sector. … Read more

Eligibility Mudra Loan

Eligibility Mudra Loan The Mudra Loan Yojana is designed to fund the micro and small businesses in India which are in desperate need for monetary aid for startup, establishment and expansion. The scheme has been restricted only and only to these micro and small business units because they form the informal employment sector of the country … Read more