Top 10 places to visit in India in summer

Top 10 places to visit in India in Summer Season 

We all know that India has diversity when it comes to culture, religion and language. Apart from that the country is also diversified when it comes to its climate. The country experiences six different seasons throughout the year; although the intensity of all the seasons are not same in different parts of the country. This is the reason one can travel to a different place where they find favorable weather. Being a tropical country, it becomes hot in summer. The scorching heat of the sun can burn the skin in some places. Some places become humid and end up causing excessive sweat. Even though the country has scorching summer, but the country also provides getaway for summer.

People eagerly wait for the summer for vacation. India offers plenty of opportunity to pack your bag and set out for a long getaway during the summer. When it comes to the children they also get holidays in summer and there are several agencies that conduct camp in the places where summer is pleasant. The climate in India changes with geographical terrain. From the snow capped Himalayas to Blue Mountains of Andaman or from Western Ghats to North-Eastern part of India, one will find different climate everywhere. The article will talk about ten places that one can visit during the summer.

  • Darjeeling

When it comes to summer there is no place better than Darjeeling to escape from the sweltering weather. In the British era the place was named the queen of hills. The small hill station is situated in West Bengal and surrounded by Himalayan range. The town still carries the realm of British colonization. One can find quaint café from where one can experience spectacular view of Kanchenjunga. The place is ideal for a family getaway. But, the place does not offend the traveler who wants adventure. A trek to Sandakfu has a lot to offer to the adventure seekers.

  • Meghalaya

Located in the North-Eastern part of India always remains covered with cloud. Shillong is the capital of the state and British used to call it the Scotland of India. The state remains wet throughout the year and offers a lush green vegetation to soothe the eye. If you visit to the place you can experience the cloud playing hide and seek with the hills. Apart from the natural beauty, the people in the state are warm and well coming. The people in place are fond of western music. You will find cozy café, with a hot cup of Assam tea with Dylan’s music.

  • Munnar

If you come down from the Himalayan region you will find Western Ghats the most pleasant place in the summer. The place is in the state Kerala that is called God’s own country. One can experience longest stretch of coffee and tea plantation when you drive through the twisted roads of Western Ghats. The travelers find the hills always cover in greens throughout the year. The place has always been popular as family vacation now when the solo travelling is trending, one can stay in tree house or trek to the echo point or take boat ride in Kundala Lake.

  • Kasol

When it comes to spend a vacation in the summer then why not spend it away from the chaos of the city? Kasol is a place less visited by the people. It is a backpacker’s den in the Himachal Pradesh. It is a place to trek through the rough terrain alongside the Parvati River. The steep Himalayan Mountains, the Mountain River, and blue sky can ward off the tiredness of the summer. The place offer variety of options of travelling. If anyone has time then he can take car and travel to other parts of Himachal Pradesh.

  • Dehradun and Mussorie

Dehradun and Mussoorie, both places are situated in Uttarakhand. When it comes to Dehradun, the stories of Ruskin Bond float up in our mind. Most of the people in India fell in love with the Garhwal region and the hill town by reading those stories in schools. The lush greenery beckons the travelers in the summer. The place offers both family travel as well as solo travel. One can choose to trek through the forest to experience the wilderness of the Himalayan region. Mussoorie  is 35 kilometers away from Dehradun and a beautiful city situated in the lap of Himalaya.

  • Srinagar

If you wish to see heaven on earth then, no place can beat Srinagar. The place blooms in the summer. It is a summer capital of the state Jammu and Kashmir located at the northern point of the country. Even in the summer you will find the mountains are snow capped.  Summer in Srinagar is breathtakingly beautiful. It is colorful in the summer. You will find people selling colorful flowers and fruits when you take Shikara ride Dal Lake. To make the trip memorable one can choose to stay in the houseboat floating on the lake.

  • Shimla

The capital of Himachal and the most beautifully decorated hill station in India. If anyone want a family getaway in summer then Shimla is appropriate. One will find several summer camps for kids. It is an ideal place for summer to spend a quality time with family. The place also offers several trips to visit other places in Himachal like Dharamshala, Manali, etc.

  • Ladakh

Ladakh, on the other hand, offers a complete different terrain. Being a part of Himalaya, the place offers chilling temperature throughout the year. But, the primary attraction of the place is zero vegetation and rough terrain along with crystal clear lake. The steep mountains are breathtakingly beautiful and the lakes are as blue as the sky. The twisted roads give a thrilling experience of adventure. The place will offer camels with two humps that you will find nowhere in other places of India.

  • Andaman

When the rest of the plain land is feeling the summer heat then the sea shore is basking in the sun. Andaman is located far from the mainland. The island is surrounded by sea and offers a different climate in the summer. One can bathe in the even in the summer and dive into the deep blue sea, one can walk through the coral beach on bare foot with even sweating a bit. The place offers both luxury and adventurous travel experience. One can choose scuba and deep sea diving to witness the activity of the underwater world.

  • Goa

It is the most common place to escape from the heat. The place is always crowded with tourist. It is a place to spend a leisure time on the beach. Apart from that one can experience the Portuguese culture. The place still offer the authentic culinary that they learned in the colonial period. One can experience the legacy of that period. The place is also famous for its flea market. One can buy plenty of bohemian staffs from there.

In conclusion, it can be said that India is so vast that it can offer countless of places where you can spend a splendid summer. When it comes to transport one can avail any of the routes to travel to the places. All places have the option regarding affordability. One can choose convenient package in order to make the summer vacation memorable.

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