Arundhati Scheme Yojana Assam 2019-20 [1 tola free Gold to brides]

Arundhati Scheme Assam 2019-20 (1 tola free Gold to brides in marriage) [Application Form, Eligibility Criteria, Documents, Apply]

Though marriage is an important social event for both men and women dowry system is still prevalent. It calls for a huge payment of gold or money by the bride’s family to the groom’s family. Awareness about abolition of dowry system is necessary and for effective abolition of the system, this scheme will be helpful to support bride’s family. Therefore, by the successful implementation of the scheme, the bride’s family would be helped. According to the rules of Arundhati Scheme, eligible brides will get gold. Read on to know more about eligibility, registration and other details relating to the scheme.


Launch details of the scheme

Name of the schemeArundhati Scheme
Launched inAssam
Launched byCM Sarbananda Sonowal
Announced onFeb2019
Date of implementationSoon
Target beneficiariesBrides
Amount set for the scheme Assam government has given rupees 300 crores for the scheme

 What are the key features of the scheme?

  • Development of women – By effective implementation of the scheme, it will help to improve the condition of women in the state. They would be able to use gold when in need. In addition to this, it will help the dignity of the bride in their in-laws.
  • Supporting economically weak sections – People from all financial sections are not eligible to get benefits under the scheme. Only the financially weaker section of the society will get the benefits.
  • Amount of gold – The eligible candidates under this scheme will get one tola (10 grams) gold as a gift in their marriage. The price of 10 grams or one tola of gold is rupees 38, 000.
  • Attaining the gold – The gold will be given to the girl on the day of her social marriage.
  • Candidate has to come under special marriage rule –The eligible candidates have to follow certain rules under special marriage rule of 1954 to get perks related to this scheme.

What are the eligibility criteria and documents required for the scheme?

  1. Residents of state–Residents of only Assam are eligible to get the benefits under this scheme. They have to produce relevant documents to support the fact that they only belong to Assam.
  2. Annual Income certificate –If the annual income of the bride’s family is less than rupees 5 lakh, then only the girl will be able to get the benefits under the scheme. If the annual income is more than 5 lakh, the bride will not be able to get the benefits.
  3. Age limit –In order to get the perks of the scheme, they should be of 18 years of age. If the bride is less than 18 years of age, they will not be able to attain the perks of the scheme.
  4. Special Marriage Rule applicable – The girl should fall under the Special Marriage Act of 1954 in order to get the benefits of the scheme. However, the girl has to produce necessary documents in support of the fact.
  5. Details of Personal ID- As personal details, the applicants to submit documents like a voter ID card or ration card. This will help for their background check for getting proper benefits under the scheme. In addition, the candidate has to submit the photocopy of Aadhaar card for further checking of details.

Process to get the application form and register for the scheme

The Arundhati Scheme has been released by the Assam government in the budget of 2019-2020. Only the above said details had been given by the state government. But there is no information relating to the implementation and the registration process of the scheme. Once it comes up, the beneficiaries will be the first one to know about the updates and opt for the registration process.

According to the details of the scheme, the brides will get gold on the day of their marriage. Apart from happiness, it will help to improve their condition as they will be able to use gold for future use. Effective implementation of the scheme in Assam would result in empowerment of men and women. Development of girl and women of the state has always been the main objective behind the successful implementation of this scheme by the Assam government. This scheme will help the fathers who are not able to arrange for the girl’s ornaments in their marriage.

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