‘Appreciate and Commend’scheme has been launched by Punjab DGP for police 

‘Appreciate and Commend’scheme has been launched by Punjab DGP for police 

To appreciate the morale of higher police officers who are known for working diligently, Dinkar Gupta, Punjab DGP, or director general of police has come up with the ‘Appreciate and Commend’ scheme. Through this, it can offer recognition to the police performer of the month and appreciate their hard work.

The initiative to come up with the scheme has started from a meeting of high police officials at Punjab Police Academy or PPA. Following this, 15 police personnel, along with three female sub-inspectors, were appreciated for their work with DGP’s commendation disc, as commented by Gupta. Also, he added that the two inspectors, three assistant sub-inspectors,six sub-inspectors, head constable, along with three other constables, were part of the honor.

DGP is of the opinion that the police personnel has shown excellent performance in most the areas like gangsters, terrorist, arresting proclaimed officers, property forfeiture, spreading drug awareness, investigating cases, and the like. This would also include the smooth functioning of the police management department. By appreciating the efforts of the police team, it shall help to make them realize that the police personnel have been successfully safeguarding the common citizens.

The main purpose of the appreciation was to show how professional the police personnel during their duty. In addition to this, it helps motivate the rank of the officers along with the force of border state who might face security challenges.

In regard to this scheme, the State police chief is of the opinion that the successful implementation of the scheme will help motivate the police personnel to succeed and offer efficient work in their department. Gupta further added to make this initiative as a monthly appreciation and interact with the awardees. Along with this, he also decided to host lunch for the police general at the headquarters located at Chandigarh.

The nominations for the award will be taken from Police Chiefs under different districts, and it will be done by the 25th of the month. However, the name of the awardees will be finalized by the Committee consisting of senior police officers. Therefore, the name of the police officers will be finally selected within the fifth of every month from the headquarters.

The above-said scheme has been launched on the 14th of February at Phillaur with the motive of boosting the morale of the officers who are working hard.

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