Is Aadhar card mandatory for getting a MUDRA loan?

Is Aadhar card mandatory for getting a MUDRA loan?

Many people are now wondering whether it is mandatory to have an Aadhar card to take the MUDRA loans since many individuals have not yet got their Aadhar card. As per the rules of the government, you must bring either of the following ID proofs to take your MUDRA loan:

  • PAN card or,
  • Driver’s license or,
  • Aadhar card, or
  • Passport

You can bring any of the following ID proofs along with the other documents. This means that it is not mandatory to bring Aadhar card for the verification. Other forms of IDs such as PAN card and Passport can be easily used in place of Aadhar cards.

What are the documents required for obtaining MUDRA loan?

To obtain a MUDRA loan you will have to follow all the regulations and the guidelines prescribed by the scheme. This means that you will have to show proofs of your enterprise being eligible for the Tarun, Kishor or the Shishu categories.

Aadhar Card Mudra Loan

Also, you will need to provide self attested photocopies of ID proofs along with your residential proof- this can include anything such as your electricity bills, your bank statement or again your Aadhar card – basically any governmental proof which has the records of your address.

If you belong to minority communities like SC/ST, you will also need to provide proper documents to verify the same. Other important things which are required are:

  • Proper quotation on the machineries to be purchased for your enterprise
  • Business registration certificate or,
  • Proof of existence of business or,
  • Business address or,
  • Other business related documents

This means that you will have to give them a detailed brief on the amount that will be spent on the machinery and other items. In some cases you might also have to tell them the supplier’s name and the details of the input machinery for your business.

Here’s what we learnt, at a glance:

Frequently Asked QuestionsPoints to be notedThings you actually need
Is Aadhar card mandatory for getting a MUDRA loan?


Aadhar card is not mandatory – it is just one of the options available in the verifiable ID proofs to be produced.Either PAN card or Passport or Aadhar card or driver’s license
What are the documents required for obtaining MUDRA loan?


Proof of business – i.e., registration number, address, or anything related to your business. Along with other documents pertaining to the raw materials used.
You also need to provide self ID proofs.
·         Caste certificate (if belong to SC/ST or minority category)

·         Input machinery details

·         Self attested ID proof

·         Residential proof

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