112 Single Emergency Helpline Number Mobile App in India

112 Single Emergency Helpline Number, Download Mobile App in India (ERSS with SHOUT)

To help citizens in time of emergency, an Emergency Response Support System or ERSS has been introduced by India. The 112 is a pan-India number that aims to help citizens when they are in an emergency situation. The main focus of introducing this number is to help women and improve their safety in the country. Now, the ERSS method is coming with the latest features which are known as ‘SHOUT.’ With the help of the proper launch of the application, citizens will be able to get access to the official website of the system. This ERSS is a kind of initiative from the Indian government. This is related to Nirbhaya funds scheme, and it mainly looks for improvement of women and children safety.

Every state would take part in this, and they would designate Emergency Response Centers or ERC that would help to solve emergency problems easily.  The individual can contact the helpline number to get assistance in problems like health care services, police, and others. With the proper use of the application, individuals will be able to get immediate help from the center.

112 helpline number

How to download the application?

By improving women safety in India, the empowerment of women is possible. With the help of latest technology and facilities of mobile application, the central government is planning different schemes and application that would help to safeguard women and children of the country. Also, women’s dignity can be maintained. People who tend to violate the rules to be followed by the central government would be subjected to punishment.

However, every individual can get access to 112 from their smartphone. This emergency number is present in 19 states including UTs. So, it can be expected that the use of emergency number would start in December 2019.

Click on the link for Download 112 India Mobile App and Official Website https://112.gov.in/

What benefits are offered by dialing 112 in India?

By dialing 112, people are able to get many emergency services. The complete procedure of getting the service is given in the following part of the article.

  • Dial 112 from your mobile phone
  • After this, you have to press the power button of the phone 3 times. This would activate a panic call from your number
  • For any featured smartphone, people have to press either ‘5’ or ‘9’ to activate the call
  • After this, the individual has to log in to the ERSS website and make the SOS request
  • Finally, the requested email alert will be sent to State ERC

Therefore, 112 India Mobile App can be downloaded from Google store or Apple store. After downloading the application, it can be used to activate the panic call. So, individual should know how to use this emergency service properly.

However, with the launch of this emergency application, the central government will be able to improve women safety. In addition, it would also improve women empowerment leading to their development in the state. An individual can also seek assistance from 112 emergency number, and they will be able to get help for 24*7. When faced with problems of women safety, fire alarm, medical emergency, child protection, you can use ‘When to use 112 Mobile App.’ So, for additional details, you can visit https://112.gov.in/ site.

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